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Posted by kattedonn on July 16th, 2014

 Having a swimming pool is everyone’s dream, because there is nothing like coming back home or waking up in the morning and taking a swim. However, many homeowners think they can’t afford a swimming pool or they don’t have enough room for it in their garden. Nowadays, there are innovative designs for wooden swimming pools that come in many shapes, sizes and they can be installed in-ground or above ground. Not to mention that wood is ideal for putting in value a home, since it looks stunning and has that natural appeal Although there can be some options in the market regarding swimming pools, nothing compares with Gardipool and its innovative design. Once you learn more about it, you will certainly want one of their pools in your garden or backyard.

What does Gardipool have so unique? There are actually many innovative features that make wooden swimming pools special, including the patented joints system. It perfectly combines functionality and practicality with beauty to provide customers the possibility of having a long-lasting pool. At first, you might think that wood does not make a very good partner with water, due to moist and high humidity that usually lead to mold and deterioration. This is where a new technology is being used, to fix this issue. The wood is chemically infused so that it becomes a lot more resistant and capable of withstanding humidity, even if the pool is installed in ground or above ground. This is something you will not encounter anywhere else.

Each Gardipool swimming pool has specific features and each design comes with something in particular. Choosing between wooden swimming pools should be done according to the amount of available space, personal preferences, budget, how many people are expected to use the pool and such. The pools come with wooden frames and borders and the inside of the pool can be of light blue that can even illuminate while in the dark. Just imagine taking a swim in a hot summer day and how comforting and relaxing it can be. Also, to come with even more positive aspects, anti-bacterial felt is being used, just to assure a proper swimming area that does not attract or deposit bacteria in time.

When you purchase a Gardipool swimming pool, you get the entire installing package, including the connectors and the hoses, the stairs (stainless steel or wooden), the metal supports, maintenance kit and other accessories needed to properly install the wooden swimming pools. Be sure that you are buying a swimming pool for life, as the investment is worth it and you can certainly add an additional level of comfort to your household. You can also choose from many shapes, designed for your convenience and preferences.

How swimming pools are installed matter in a great deal of manner, as some homeowners prefer to have them in the ground, meaning doing some digging and covering the swimming pool, so that one can enter directly in it. On the other hand, others prefer it above ground, so it is easier to disassemble it when required and move it to another location or when out of season. It is up to each homeowner.

Are you thinking about adding a  Gardipool  to you your home? Then feel free to look at these stunning wooden swimming pools .

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