App incubators: An innovative way to tap fresh minds

Posted by sharonevans on July 17th, 2014

With the recent boom in the market for smartphones, we are witnessing an age where Android phones are selling like the proverbial hot cakes. Stepping out of the boundary of being a luxury, smartphones and iPhones are now becoming a necessity for most of us. In fact, so revolutionizing are open operating platforms in nature that the entire perception of mobile phone applications has changed drastically in the last few years. The industry is nowadays supporting ingenious ways of encouraging app development. The innovative concept of app incubator gives a good opportunity to showcase fresh ideas on phone applications from anybody and everybody who is interested.

App development as a profession has had a mindboggling influence on the focus of numerous IT firms. Even up until a few years back, before the advent of smartphones, software development constituted the only source of income for IT businesses. However, with increasing number of smartphones users every passing day, the whole scenario of IT firms’ functioning has changed. Not only are the present phone applications in extreme demand, but the call for newer applications for smart phones are also on the rise. This has caused a new concept, that of app incubator to be implemented, which is essentially a new way of encouraging individual creativity and innovation.

In the early stages, mobile application development was essentially an extension to computer programs and software. However, times have changed and app development for smartphones has acquired a separate identity of its own and is deeply involved in producing custom made apps for smartphones. Nowadays, with such a huge number of smartphone apps available in the market, it is gradually becoming very tiresome for application development companies to innovate newer apps every other day. That is the reason, app incubator as a concept has been adopted which invites ideas for new apps from anyone.

App incubator provides everyone an open platform for playing with ideas of application that they want to conceptualize and develop. It is kind of a contest for app development, where the winners with the best idea of application get the chance to see their idea getting developed and marketed to the smartphone users using a common application platform like Google Play Market. This free platform evaluates every aspect of the concept or idea that the participants send through a challenging set of criteria. The companies examine everything between the originality and functionality of an app, its relevance and utility and such similar aspects. The commercial viability of the idea is evaluated also.

Once an idea is chosen for development through an app incubator, the owner of the idea is paid up for a great app development. There is also a provision of sharing of subsequent profit which is based on the number of times the apps is downloaded. Incubators provide young minds with fresh ideas a wonderful launching pad to shape up as potential application developer of mobile phone apps. This provides them a big platform to employ, nurture and sustain their creativity in a positive and structured manner.

App incubator is an effective and brilliant way of helping young minds to come up with new and creative ideas of app development.

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