Use your brain as app incubator and make money

Posted by sharonevans on July 17th, 2014

Do you know how much you can contribute with your app idea? A lot, if we must tell you. Any person that uses a smartphone or a tablet thrives on apps. If there were no apps for people to use, the sale of these gadgets would come crashing down. Thus apps are created every day and they make a lot of money for the developers. This is why the developers also keep looking for great ideas for apps. And a great idea can come from you. Your mind can act as an app incubator and who knows, the next best app could come out of it.

You will be happy to know that there are certain app development communities that encourage ideas to come from people like you and me. And why not? Ideas can come from anywhere. One can always quote that famous story where a nobody came up with the idea of increasing the mouth size of a toothpaste tube to enhance sales figures. That nobody was not an MBA from a top b-school. So, a great app idea can come from anyone. What is important is that the idea gets converted into a product. This is where the developers come into the picture.

The best part of using your brain as an app incubator is that you don’t need to spend money on any aspect related to your app. You can easily find someone to back your idea up. Once you submit your app idea to the developer, they are going to assess it. This is the stage where they basically try and figure out whether your idea can be converted into a product or not. Once it is confirmed through research that production is possible, a team will be built and the idea will be conceptualized. The app will now get developed using project management and once it is developed, it will be marketed and launched. There is money involved in this activity and you spend none of it. It is the developer that funds the entire project.

But what do you get from submitting your app idea? How does your app incubator make money for you? It is simple – once the app goes live, it starts earning money and you get a part of the profits. You also have a separate company floated in your name so that you get part of the credit for the app. Now isn’t this a wonderful arrangement? Most should think so.

But there is one slight concern… What if the developer decides to steal the idea that formed in your app incubator? There have been cases where something like this has happened. To make sure you get the credit for the app, only deal with a reliable development company and go through the fine print before signing up.

You can make tons of money as an app incubator. There is no need for you to spend. All you need is one app idea after the other and people to pick up your ideas.

Use your brain as an app incubator and submit your app idea. It could be the perfect money making idea for you.

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