The Lowdown On The Online RN To BSN Degree

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

What is the lowdown on the online RN to BSN degree? Those of you that are a registered nurse may be quite content with your current position. It may fit your needs just fine. But, for those that are looking for a bit more of a leadership role in their coursework or in their employment will want to consider moving from the RN to the BSN degree. There are many benefits to this from advancement opportunities to being able to get graduate level degrees. The lowdown on the online RN to BSN degrees is quite simple. You can do it if you would like to.

You can expect the RN to BSN degree program from an accredited online school to take you about two years time if you go full time. If you add more courses to your schedule each semester, you can complete this degree under that amount of time. Of course, when you stretch it out, it can take you as long as you need to, to complete it.

There are several key benefits to making this transition. The main one to consider is the aspect of leadership that you will be able to now accept. Those that are working in the field currently will be able to move to higher paid and more managerial aspects of the nursing job. You will be qualified for nursing positions, hospital administration positions and nursing management positions. Although you will need to invest in doing so, this is one step that you can take to earn your graduate degree in nursing as well.

Before you get started, though, make sure that you get the lowdown on the online RN to BSN degree programs first. This will mean that you will need to invest time into getting the information on coursework and hours directly from the schools you look to attend.

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