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Posted by joelpenton on July 18th, 2014

Being a nice person with interesting things to say can make one a great motivational speaker. But it takes much more than this to become an effective motivator who can empower impressionable—and often rebellious—young minds. Everyone needs inspiration and motivation, and this is why schools hold motivational speaking engagements at least once or twice each year. These speaking events help students can get their dose of empowerment from very inspirational people who have the skills to spark their interest in significant life issues through their inspiring stories and experiences. Here are some things that you should look for in an effective motivational speaker, should you need to invite a qualified person to inspire your students to become better versions of themselves:

  • Inspiring story – The motivational speaker that you choose doesn't only need to have a good command of his audience. He should also have an inspiring story to tell—something that is based on his own experiences. The most effective motivational speakers speak from their own past and inspire people with the way they were able to overcome their own challenges.
  • Passion – Passion is everything when it comes to motivational speaking. Choose a motivational speaker with a passion not only to share his story, but to inspire people with it. Nothing changes perceptions better than seeing someone that is so passionate about life, work, success, and everything in between. It is easy to distinguish passion by simply spending a few minutes engaging with your prospect speaker as passion can be seen in the way that a person communicates.
  • Experience – The best kind of motivational speakers are ‘experienced’ motivational speakers—meaning, people who have been in the business of changing lives through their shared stories for quite some time. The greatest thing about experienced speakers is that they have been doing their gig for so long that they know how to handle every type of crowd there is. They know when to strike and when to hold back, depending on their audience's response and disposition. You can easily tell if a speaker has a lot of experience. Look at their past performances—you can tell just how comfortable they are speaking in front of a crowd, and how dynamic their speeches can be. Watch videos of the speaker in action to judge whether they are the right fit for your crowd or not. Choose a motivational speaker that you think will best make an impact on your audience.

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