Motivational Youth Speakers Require A Specific Set Of Skills

Posted by joelpenton on July 18th, 2014

Motivational youth speaking is tough job and responsibility. One wrong word can change the entire course of the talk, which is why you should be careful in selecting people to lead your motivational speaking engagements. Being a motivational youth speaker requires a specific set of skills, including the following:

  • Good communication skills – Speaking and communication skills are default skills that any motivational speaker must have. A good speaker does not only need to have good speaking skills—he also needs excellent ‘communication’ skills as well, which will enable him to extemporaneously adjust his style depending on audience response. The goal is to make the audience truly understand what he is saying.
  • Patience – Motivational speakers also need to have a good supply of patience, especially when dealing with unpredictable audiences. Young listeners are particularly erratic, asking questions and speaking their mind up without any hesitation. Patience and assertiveness in making a point without necessarily discouraging an open line of communication is an important skill for a motivational speaker to have.
  • Leadership skills – A motivational speaker must also have good leadership skills, which is much needed to command the attention of a huge crowd of listeners and keep them interested.
  • Expertise – He must also have the expertise in the specific topic that he is assigned to talk about. Just the same, he should have the personal experience to back up his speech, because there's nothing more inspiring than personal experience when it comes to motivational speeches.
  • Optimism – Good motivational speakers must also have a strong sense of optimism and personal motivation. It can be difficult to persuade people into positivity if the person himself is not positively motivated. This is why positivity and self motivation are important traits and skills to have for motivational speakers.
  • Ability to connect – A motivational speaker must also possess the ability to connect with his audience. The greatest speakers in history like JFK, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela all had this ability, connecting to audiences and letting out an approachable vibe that allows students to feel that they know exactly what each one is going through. The best motivational speakers are seen as good friends and someone that people can relate to.
  • Good voice – Delivery is very important when it comes to motivational speeches. A good voice is much needed to ensure proper and effective delivery of a message and good motivational speakers should learn how to project themselves and their voices well to ensure effectiveness.

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