Offshore Medical Billing ? Are All Your Bases Covered?

Posted by Ecareindia on July 18th, 2014

Outsourcing a part of medical billing services to offshore vendors around the world is definitely a good option for the US healthcare entities. It helps them to stay focused on the core business functions, provides more bandwidth for expanding their customer base and promotes healthy cash flow. However, the US healthcare entities must be prudent enough to choose the perfect offshore medical billing company that can provide as many services as possible. It means that they should choose offshore vendors that not only provide billing, coding and AR specific services, but also other value-added services like medical records indexing, physician credentialing, insurance eligibility verification and data migration. Let us reason out why it is necessary to look for an offshore medical billing company that covers all your bases:

Save Time and Money: Coordinating with offshore medical billing companies that only offer core medical billing and coding services will restrict US healthcare entities from enjoying a wide array of benefits. In addition, they will have to seek help from another vendor that provides other services like physician credentialing, data migration, medical record indexing or other services. It not only consumes a lot of time, but a huge amount of money as well in performing due-dilignce and managing another vendor. Instead, if US healthcare entities invest in one particular offshore medical billing company that covers all services in a single package, then they can save a lot of money and time. Therefore, before signing a contract with an offshore medical claims processing company, check if it covers all your bases.

The Perfect Offshore Vendor:

In addition to concentrating on the core medical claims processing and AR specific functions, a perfect offshore medical billing company provides its clients some value-added services as mentioned below:

· Physician credentialing: Reimbursement of medical services may be delayed or denied if physician credentialing is not done properly. The complicated paperwork involved in this process may be easily taken care of if you partner with the right offshore medical billing company.

· Medical Records Indexing: Offshore vendors that just carry out the basic medical billing functions will leave a disorganized patient record trail. The US healthcare entity will have to spend time and effort in organizing these patient records. Therefore, it is good to check if the offshore medical billing company you are about to partner with also indexes patients’ medical records skillfully.

· Other Value Added Services: In addition to physician credentialing and medical records indexing, a good offshore medical billing company must also cover other value-added services like data migration, insurance eligibility verification and getting pre-authorizations.

Choose an offshore medical claims processing company only when it covers all the aforementioned benefits. e-care is one such offshore medical billing company that offers various value-added services in addition to offering core medical billing services.

About e-care India:

e-care India is one of the renowned revenue cycle solutions companies in India that assures the above mentioned quality benefits with total customer satisfaction. With 14 years of experience in the industry, e-care’s 3 offshore medical billing delivery centers have been providing end-to-end healthcare billing solutions seamlessly to its clients. To know more about e-care and its services, log on to

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