3 Trends of UI UX Designs to Dominate in 2021

Posted by Sudha Solutions on January 11th, 2021

The UI UX design trends are ever-changing right from its emergence. It is altered based on the tastes of the users. So as an entrepreneur, one needs to adhere to the latest UI UX Design trends to stand apart from their competitors.

However, have you ever thought, why you need to stand apart?

Thousands of business websites are getting designed by UI UX design studios in Mumbai every single day. Also, customers are in a rush to choose the best one that offers solutions to their requirements. Hence, the website that captures their attention will score in the game. So if you are planning to redesign your business, make sure you follow user experience design trends in 2021. UI UX design studio in Mumbai makes sure that your web platform is up to date and visually appealing! That's the strength of UI UX designing. 

So what are the UI UX design trends in 2021? 

Earlier, both marketing and user experience were considered to be different. Later, the businesses began to understand the impact a UI UX design trend can do on the minds of the people. The influence that it generates is far away from one's imagination. 

So constant updates are happening in the UI UX designs according to varying tastes of the audience.

Let see them below.

1. Login without passwords

We, as humans usually tend to forget passwords. It is one of the significant errors that most users make while dealing with online web platforms. Password resetting option is what makes users log in again to their accounts. Usually, passwords are a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. It makes it challenging for users to recollect. To solve this issue, the UI UX design studio in Mumbai has begun various other options for a user to login to his/her account. 

One of the possible things that they have come up with is password less login. It includes face authentication, fingerprints, or a PIN code.

2. UX Writing

UX writing is one of the trends to dominate in 2021. What does this mean? Earlier, it was a common sight to fill the UI UX design platform with creatively decorated words. But this too has lost its charm. Instead of beating around the bush, only critical information is displayed. This strategy has proved in keeping the customers engaged more than ever, leading to more prospective clients.

For instance-The leading search engine, Google has found out that the users who are looking for a hotel room will be only interested in checking the room availability. And may not be in a position to make a reservation right away. So they changed their UX writing from "book a Room to check availability". This simple step increased customer engagement by 17%.

3. 3D elements

3D elements are one of the best things that keep the users engaged. They are now being integrated with the latest technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Ui UX design studio in Mumbai creates hyper-realistic 3D visuals and thus keeps the users curious and engaged. 

Apart from that, there are various trends followed by UI UX design agency in Mumbai that will attract users and turn them into prospective clients. For example- Micro interaction, voice user interface, custom navigation, full-screen visuals, videos, bold fonts, augmented reality, colour combination, ai and automation, etc.

To Sum Up

These design trends are sure to awe you by the growth of your business in 2021. Sudha Solutions is one of the best UI UX design company in Mumbai that will help you grow this 2021. To know more about them, visit http://www.sudhasolutions.com/.

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