Responsibilities of phlebotomist and new grad RN jobs

Posted by aimewolf on July 21st, 2014

There are numerous openings in the healthcare sector that doesn’t strictly restrict itself to practising doctors. These vacancies can be filled by the trained and skilled manpower from time to time and fortunately there is always a need for such professionals in this field. So, if you have just completed your nurse’s training then you can take a look at the new grad RN jobs which offer a good position to the graduates who wish to step into the professional practise after getting trained as a registered nurse. On the other hand, if you have just finished high school and wish to get registered for a vocational course instead of a full time graduation then aim for phlebotomist jobs which offer exactly what you are looking for – experience, training and satisfactory pay. 

But before we decide to take the leap it will be prudent to understand what exactly will be expected from you as a registered nurse or as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomist jobs - Responsibilities and Specializations

The main responsibility of a phlebotomist includes drawing blood from the veins of the patient. Blood collection and depositing the same in the laboratory for getting the tests done is also part of the responsibility of phlebotomist jobs. They are also responsible for ensuring that the purity of the sample remains intact so that the results are not altered due to some contamination caused during transportation. They can be trained in various aspects of blood collection and different collection procedures.

New grad RN jobs – Responsibilities

If we start counting the responsibilities of a registered nurse then there might be a page full of that, so here we will only discuss the most important of them all:

•             Firstly, a nurse is required to care for the patients and understand and respond to their needs.

•             They also need to administer the medications as instructed by the doctors.

•             Nurses are required to take care of mental and physiological needs of the patients and maintain a conducive environment for them so that they do not feel uncomfortable.

•             Maintains the confidence of the patients and their family members in the treatment so that there are no hindrances in the procedures.

•             They are required to resolve and address the issues of the patients and communicate them to the higher authorities so that suitable solutions are implemented.

•             A nurse also helps patients to learn ways of self-help techniques and also ensures that they have enough independence of their own and

•             They answer the questions of the patients and their family members and acquaintances regarding the treatment.

Thus new grad RN jobs are not as easy as the soap operas make them look like. There is a lot of job to be done and a lot of responsibilities to be fulfilled for the nurses if they wish to get established in the field and get into better positions in the near future.

Dedication and patience can bring in good results for the young professionals in the healthcare sector. Hence, whether it is new grad RN jobs that we are talking about or phlebotomist jobs it will take time and effort to hit the spot right where it matters.

Get to know about the responsibilities of new grad RN jobs and phlebotomist jobs.

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