How To Get In to Conversation With A Woman?

Posted by kalpesh on August 14th, 2010

Are you scared of approaching a beautiful woman? Are you shy of initiating a conversation with the person of opposite sex? Well, it is not as difficult as you might feel. Let?s take a look at some of the tips to go easy and engage the woman you are interested in a conversation. Relax: Not all men have ?cool? quality about them. They either get over anxious or feel utterly shy. The result is that even if they succeed in opening up a dialogue with the lady, it either ends abruptly or never takes up at all. Relax? The woman you are interested in is not a man eater. She is just another human being like you. So, just relax. Maintain a relaxed posture and attitude. Be Natural: You neither have to be too polite or courteous, nor you have to go an extra mile to please her. Neither of it will help. Secondly, take care that you are not rude or your tone is not too harsh. The best approach would be to be natural. Smile: A smile can take you miles and make wonders. Smile and the world smiles at you. When you approach the lady, smile naturally at her, and she will smile back at you. Don?t go to fast: You?ve just met a woman you find interesting and are in process of opening conversation with her. Don?t try to be over smart by using cocky lines. Instead, the best recourse would be to talk naturally. After exchanging formal greetings, you can talk ?in general?. If you have met at a party or a social gathering or a group of common friends, you can talk about the place where you have met, until a point. Refrain from asking too many personal questions. Go easy, there?s plenty of time for knowing the personal details? However, you can exchange email addresses or telephone numbers if the response from the opposite side is equally positive. Remain slightly aloof. Create an air about you. Don?t give in to the temptation of divulging too much information about yourself. However, this does not mean that you hide facts from her, but don?t pass unnecessary details about you. Stop Staring: Even if she is the most beautiful woman on the planet, stop staring at her. It will make her uncomfortable and this will cause awkward situation, bringing the conversation to a halt. Don?t stick around like a price tag: Ok, you are genuinely interested in her. But don?t follow her every where in the party. Do make sure that you mingle with others in the group. Your casual approach and cool attitude is the sure fire key to ignite her interest in you and keep the conversation warm and flowing.

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