Know About Asset Finance And Its Importance In Your Business

Posted by Challis Capital on January 11th, 2021

Asset financing relates to the use of assets for meeting the regular and short-term financial needs of your business. Through asset financing, you can have access to multiple business assets.

These are:

  • Plant & machinery
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Property and others.

There are a number of asset finances, which you must read about. This will expand your knowledge about asset finance as a comprehensive concept. 

Equipment leasing

Through this lease, the lender is the one buying the equipment. You borrow that asset. Then, you pay the amount of the same over a period of time. The cost is spread over certain years as per the agreement. After the agreement ends, you can either return it, buy it, or continue to lease it.

Hire purchase

It relates to the situation when you purchase an asset with payment instalments. Once the term of instalments end, you still own it full time. This asset will appear in your balance sheets as well. 

Finance leases

It’s the type of lease that falls between the equipment and hire purchase conditions. But it’s for the long term, possible till the end of the asset’s life. You do not own it as such, and it doesn’t even appear on your balance sheet. It works on the rental system. 

Asset refinance

You can ask for the secured loans, putting your business assets forward as collateral. And if you fail to make any repayment, the lender has the right to sell the collateral. So, this is usually for short-term financial goals. You will get the amount that is almost near the value of the asset you tag as the collateral. 

Operating leases

These are the contract hires, not appearing on your business balance sheet. It’s another form of equipment leasing. You will have a term to use the land and pay the rental amount for the same.

Importance of asset financing for your business:

No need to have enough cash to use costly assets:

You will be borrowing assets on a rental basis. You’re not the real owner. Therefore, you don’t need to buy the land at its full price. Simply use the asset as the business grows. 

More cash flows to meet operating and current liabilities:

You can easily put your business assets as collateral to meet urgent liabilities. These are also known as the current or operating cash outflows. You will meet them easily when you get more cash by tagging your business assets like land, plant, or machinery as collateral. 

There is no need to depreciate the asset in your balance sheet:

You use the borrowed asset for a short-term on the rental basis under asset financing. So, there is no obligation to depreciate the value of those assets. These assets don’t belong to your firm after all.

Conclusion: is one such financier that can help you meet all your asset financing needs. Check Challis Capital site for the best asset financing help and consultation.

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