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Posted by kamal on July 22nd, 2014

Wearing stop snoring mouthpiece has got a number of advantages and it can be really helpful to control snoring instantaneously. These anti-snoring mouthpieces are available at affordable rates and are a superb way to promote healthier sleep patterns while providing you relaxed sleep devoid of snoring. These devices or treatments are very effective in facilitating a good sleep so that you wake up more energized and fresh the next day. This is because they help in enhancing the flow and circulation of oxygen while sleeping. A good snoring mouthpiece can result in positive energy and outlook when you awake with a refreshed mood in the morning. As a result of this your daytime headaches are also eliminated which are mostly seen in people who snore in nights. Other advantages include reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure (because of complete sleep during night).

However it is essential to know which that which mouthpiece works best for you as a number of them are available in the market today. Almost all these snoring devices look similar but in reality has very subtle differences. Hence one must select something that one is comfortable with. While you sleep on your back, your neck is placed in a position that narrow downs the passage of air, this reduction in space results in vibration of tissues in throat and this situation is what we commonly refer to as snoring.

These mouthpieces alleviate the problem of snoring by compelling your lower jaw forward which helps in lessening the effects of narrowed down air passage from the wrong positioning of your neck. Anti-snoring mouthpieces are simply superb and very effective with minimal to no side effects found in certain studies and researches. However it is important to know that out of so many devices available which works best for you.

Jaw Holding vs. Tongue Holding

When it comes to anti-snoring aids, there are generally two categories: jaw holding mouthpieces and tongue holding mouthpieces. Both work best to solve the problem of snoring but tongue holding anti-snoring mouthpieces are seen to be more effective than jaw holding.

Jaw Holding

Commonly referred to as mandibular advancement devices, these devices control the problem of snoring by holding the jaw in place, thereby alleviating the vibration of the tissues that result in snoring. They are fabricated to fit in the mouth just as the way a sports gear mouth guard is wore. Custom-designed products are also available to facilitate a safe fit between the sleeper’s teeth to aid alleviate the problem of snoring.

Tongue Holding

Tongue holding anti-snoring mouthpiece is known as the second generation to the jaw holding device. While they harder to find than jaw holding ones, they are worth searching for. These mouthpieces have been fabricated with a more comfortable fit in mind which helps in facilitating the complete rest during sleep while removing their snoring caused by jaw, tongue or an open mouth.

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