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Posted by Goold on January 11th, 2021

Since the most recent count, members of Facebook worldwide have actually surpassed the 500 million mark and are well on their way to strike 600 million. And if existing First World data are to be relied on, it is safe to presume that an excellent piece of those individuals belong to the market group whose age is 65 years old or older. Analysts boldly declare that elders consist of as high as 8 percent of all individuals who avidly use social networking websites, and for excellent reasons: elders and the so-called baby boomers produce all this web traffic to reconnect with old buddies, to make brand-new friends, or just to share individual info and media files (photos, videos, music) with others.

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Such online social activities, doctors state, are also healthy-it keeps senior citizens psychologically and socially important. Facebook, nevertheless, is not the only gamer in the field. The high numbers of senior citizens taking to online social networks have encouraged numerous an internet entrepreneur to launch web start-ups as their own attempt at taking a slice of this rewarding pie. Elders are often retired, with cash to burn. And it does not hurt to target this paying market group. So what are the other "best" social media network websites developed to deal with seniors? The following are simply the top 10.

The Leading 10 Senior Hangout Spots Online using the motto, "Your internet neighborhood," provides its members a busy online community who enthusiastically take part in its online forums, chat performances, and other site-based tools developed to encourage members to share information and stories. Registration is complimentary, of course Genkvetch Social Networking: an online social network that particularly targets those who are 50 years old and older, this is a site for individuals who can still remember having enjoyed listening to 45-rpm vinyl records. The site's "for elders" orientation appears in its simple readability (big font styles for those aging eyes), a color scheme that would not stress out senior readers, and an unique personals and news section that caters to the interests of its target members. Genkvetch is easy to utilize and comprehend, and any senior can go right in and begin taking part in its provided online activities. ThirdAge: when it comes to issues concerning health, aging and retirement, ThirdAge is among the leading online destinations for senior citizens who want to empower themselves with creating new connections and understanding. At the start, it is apparent that the website is wisely developed, loads quick, and exudes a sense of elegance, with its simple navigability and on-site applications. Registration on the site is totally free. Seniorocity: despite the "senior" tag, the site really caters to a slightly younger set-those who are at least 40 and above. You can still discover the normal features that cater to seniors' needs-it even boldly claims to be "an alternative to Facebook." The entire website's style and performances are such that even those who are not actually tech savvy can quickly get around and get comfortable. Eons: the site focuses on qualities such as "spirited" and "passion," and if these words interest you, then you've found your home at Eons. Free to sign up, with a great deal of interactive features created for elders and the so-called infant boomers. The website's psychological workouts or "brain video games" are a substantial draw. AARP: When it comes to news, video games, photos, videos, or even ideas on where to get discount rates, the AARP Online Neighborhood is a great place for elders to hang out online. The normal social media performances of having the ability to share info and get in touch with others exist, although this is essentially a simple extension of the main AARP website. Rezoom: with the slogan, "Redefining life for an ageless generation," Rezoom is basically no different from other online socials media. You can produce your personal profile, share and get in touch with others, even share images, videos and your thoughts on its integrated blogging system. Multiply: of course, who can forget Multiply, which has been here long before Facebook. Unlike that other notorious social network of old (Friendster), Multiply is still alive and kicking and innovating, and many of its features are simply perfect for the needs of senior web internet users. Free to register. You can quickly share pictures or videos or even setup some sort of online store. It even has fun tools for the creative types, such as cards, calendars, photoediting, and more. The website's focus is media, and all the fun things you can do with it. Senior Chat room: if you simply wish to leap right in and chat with someone-anyone-then Senior Chat room is for you. Its focus is making web chat a lot easier and available to the adult set. The website's style is simple on the eyes and easy to navigate-obviously for senior citizens' sake. My Boomer Location: with the slogan, "For skilled tourists of the 50s, 60s and 70s," the site explains itself as a nice location to "meet, gather together and establish new relationships." You can freely produce your own profile and share information with others, particularly with other elders.

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