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Posted by starr Buzz on January 11th, 2021

Mighty Freeze is one of the several bestselling shishas in the Exotic range of Starbuzz. Anyone seeking a break from strong and bold flavors to enjoy a more soothing smoking session, and those who do not have much preference for dark leaf tobacco would be delighted with the refreshing Mighty Freeze from Starbuzz.

Introduction to Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze

Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze uses golden Virginia tobacco. The main ingredients are lemon and mint. The combination of citrusy tartness and fresh spearmint is the crux of the entire flavor profile, with ice of course for that freezing sensation. But, there is no hard cold bite so one doesn’t have to worry about an icy jolt with any puff.

The flavor profile of the Mighty Freeze can be best described as medium lemony and refreshing mint. Neither is the lemon overpowering nor is the mint overwhelming. The result is a finely balanced, moderately strong flavor that is quite appropriate for a session at any time of the day or night. This is one of those flavors that can be enjoyed in the morning, through the day and evening, or late at night post dinner. The balanced mildness in the flavor makes it ideal for just about any kind of setting and mood.

Flavor Profile and Quality of Smoke with Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze

Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze is not the menthol variant of a lemon flavor. There is a substantial coolness quotient, which is provided by the spearmint and facilitated by the blonde leaf tobacco. Lemon too has its contribution to the coolness. The aroma of this shisha may not outright imply what the flavor profile may be, but one puff and you would know.

The quality of smoke is the best in class, which anyone familiar with Starbuzz would expect. Starbuzz does not disappoint with either the volume and density of smoke or the retention of flavor as a session progresses. The quantity used for a session and how a bowl is packed will definitely alter the volume and density, but the shisha itself does not fall short in any of these attributes.

User Experience of the Mighty Freeze from Starbuzz

Typical packing in a standard bowl can last an hour and longer for a single user. Care should be taken to avoid overstuffing the bowl. Blonde leaf tobacco needs sufficient heat to exude generous smoke and flavor. As is the case with other Starbuzz flavors, Mighty Freeze continues to deliver dense and large clouds of smoke, even if you are forty or fifty minutes into a session. There is no dip in the quality of smoke, or any issue with flavor retention.

Since the flavor is moderately strong, it can be conveniently and safely tried with other flavors, probably ones with bolder profiles. Mighty Freeze is also suitable for blending with milder flavors, especially non-lemony and non-minty ones. Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze has a slightly moist texture. Bowls sporting a funnel design are more appropriate for this shisha, as the juices would not drip down into the stem, or shaft.

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