Devon Walking Holidays: What Makes These Holidays Click?

Posted by SharonEvans on July 22nd, 2014

Devonshire, commonly known as Devon is one of the largest county situated in the West Country of England. In the west, Devon is bordered by Cornwall and in the East it is bordered by Somerset and Dorset. The immense physical beauty of the land makes Devon Walking Holidays a great pleasure time for both tourists and citizens. As far in scenic beauty is concerned, Cornwall is not far behind and in the past few years, Cornwall Walking Holidays have achieved decent popularity as well.

The two separate lines of cost give Devon a unique status among all the English counties. The southern coastline of the county borders the English Channel and on the North the coastline borders the Bristol Channel and Irish Sea. The harbours and resort towns in Devon had already been commanding much attraction from tourists. In the recent past, the newly developed surfing beaches have added on to the tourism of the land.

There are a host of other attractions that make Devon a must visit destination for tourists. Among these destinations the two national parks within the county – Exmoor and Dartmoor stand out. Devon Walking Holidays also add on to their own value due to the presence of Lundy (an island situated on the Irish Sea/Bristol Channel). It has to be noted that Exmoor is not solely owned by Devon. It is actually shared between Devon and Somerset. Among the two counties, Somerset has the larger part of the national park.

When in comes to summer holidays in England, there are not too many destinations that give Devon a serious run for it throne. The scenic coastline in Devon along with seemingly endless beaches of white sand makes Devon a clear winner in the race. The turquoise waters in the seas make a bread and butter combination with the white beaches in the coastline. Then, there is an array of options available in accommodation as well. These options cater to a variety of budgets that tourists come up with. The only experience that compares with holidays in Devon is the Cornwall Walking Holidays.

Much like Devon, Cornwall also has two separate coastlines. This is something that the Celtic neighbours share in common. There is a lot in common in the two places when it comes to the beauty of the coastlines and the variety of options that are made available for tourists. The southern part of Devon boasts of some really exquisite and expensive towns like Sarcombe and Dartmouth.

Given the many attractions in and around the county of Devonshire, several businesses have popped up in the frays that aim at making the job easier for the tourists. These companies also organize walking holidays for the tourists. It is pretty imperative that most of these holidays focus on the picturesque sea beaches of Devon. Besides, the tourism company will also take care of the other amenities like rooms, hotels and travelling facilities for their clients. This is what has greatly rehashed the beauty of Devon Walking Holidays in the recent days. 

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