How to Choose the Right Language Translation Agency?

Posted by Rashid Hadad on January 11th, 2021

When choosing a translation provider to partner with for your company's international documentation needs, it's difficult to predict precisely what you'll get with each one. It's even more challenging to know what questions to ask yourself during the assessment process to ensure your needs are met.

Your company should work with the best translation agency, but how do you know where to start making this determination?

  1.       KNOW WHAT YOU NEED:

This is crucial before hiring any translation service provider, especially when it comes to promotional written materials, that need to be accurately conveyed about the product's benefits and a call to action. Likewise, the translation agency should know how to be technically accurate when translating the operational manual information. Read translation examples when buying an agency and determine if they can accurately convey your message's essence.


The best way to identify a reliable translation service provider is often as simple as asking. There are possible chances that someone in your network might know of an excellent translation agency that they would recommend or have experienced the service. If so, it is always a good idea to follow up with a few questions about whether they have found the agency to be reliable and stable, and how satisfied they are with the translations' quality.

  1.       SERVICE:

Choose a translation company that offers you a single point of contact who will be available to discuss your requirements, understand your needs throughout the entire translation process, either by phone or email throughout the delivery process or even after that to an extent. Avoid companies that want to take their raw content and provide a translated version without ongoing discussion. Translating your content should be a seamless collaborative process from start to finish.

  1.       EXPERT STAFF:

You should also look for a company that has the scope to fit your deadlines, offer a quick response, and manage multiple different projects simultaneously, especially if you have content that needs to be translated regularly. Although size is not everything, large-scale translation companies often have the staff and resources to adapt to their clients' needs more efficiently than smaller companies.


Localization is an absolute must when it comes to translating your business documents. Without it, you are never sure which part of your message may not resonate with your readers.

What is easily acceptable in one culture or country may be unacceptable in another, even if they speak the same language. Or maybe your message is failing. Hiring an expert translation firm will ensure that you can consistently convey your message to any culture.


Ask about the procedures a translation agency follows to ensure your documents' confidentiality, such as where they store your documents. Has the agency signed confidentiality agreements with its network of editors and translators? Does the supplier sign nondisclosure agreements for special projects? Are they fulfilling compliance? Are they insured? These are questions worth asking.

Choosing the right translation agency is crucial, and by considering the tips mentioned above when can easily find the right and reliable Language Translation Offices in Dubai.

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