How To Master Technical Seo Audit In 6 Simple Steps

Posted by Edgar on January 11th, 2021

Online search engine optimisation is something you absolutely must do if you want people to visit your site. Here are 7 things you should check on each and every single page that you create to assist ensure that your website is optimised for the online search engine.

Page Title

Most likely the absolute crucial part of your page. It's the clickable link that appears when your site gets found on the search engine result. Although it's not technically the headline for your page (that's covered later on), in many ways it acts like the headline. Believe what makes you click on a link in the search engine result and do your best to make your page title as "clickable" as possible. Online search engine will cut off your title at about 60 characters approximately.

Page Description

If you're unsure where this goes, it's a meta tag that your technical person will understand what to do with. A few of the time, it's the description that appears listed below your page title in the search results page. This does not take place all the time as there are occasions when Google believes it knows more about your page than you do, in which case it will offer it's own summary. But at least if you consist of a description then you stand a chance of getting your description in front of individuals.


This is the main headline of the page. After things like your logo and site header, it ought to be among the first things noticeable on your page. It's got it's own special HTML tag (H1) so that your web internet browser and the online search engine spiders understand it's the headline. Make it like a paper headline - if it's dull, people will click the back button rather than read the rest of your page.

Page Content

This ought to be as long or as short as it needs to be to convey the message for the page. It must broaden on the heading and give your reader useful, handy content. Don't sweat over things like keyword density - compose for people not search engines.

Image Names

Image names not only assist the search engines to understand what your page has to do with, they get indexed individually and displayed when people pick an image search. Make your image names pertinent and meaningful. Use the "alt" tag to give them additional description and to assist the online search engine to finest categorise your images.


You have no control over who accesses your pages or what device they're utilizing. So make your pages as simple to browse as possible. This indicates that you must utilize routine HTML if at all possible, not Flash or other complex navigation systems. This will assist all your site users and - a minimum of as essential - will assist the online search engine to discover the remainder of the pages on your website.


Here, we're discussing the links on your page. They can be to other pages on your website - beneficial for regular website navigation and to assist individuals find more info on your website. They can likewise be to other helpful details - perhaps a Wikipedia page or perhaps an Amazon one (where your site users can then purchase what you are talking about.

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