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Posted by dunitzsantrino on July 24th, 2014

Any mobile UI design company aims to create an application with an attractive interface that will capture the interest of each and every user. A good mobile app interface should be simple, uncomplicated and easy to follow. Here are 5 interesting mobile UI designs:

1.Twidy : Bright and beautiful, Twidy’s user interface immediately captivates ones attention. This app aims to combine two popular social media platforms – Twitter and today. You can set categories, times, colors and other items using the easy-to-navigate user interface.

2.Music Player: This music player app looks very sophisticated with its black background and dialer-styled home page. In the playlist, all the music tracks are set on the right side while the left column has options such as add, delete, new, and back, allowing you to do the functions with just one swipe.

3.Craigslist Premium iPad UI design: This interesting application allows you to check out your Craigslist right on your Smartphone. The user interface is pretty simple with the broad categories set in the far left with its subdivisions in another column beside it. With all the menu pointers neatly laid out, you will be able to check all that you want with a single glance.

4.Billr iPhone App: Finally a mobile application that lets you keep track of all your share of payment! When you’re dining out with friends or out on a trip, most of the confusion arises when it comes to sharing the expenses. With a straightforward mobile UI design, this app allows you to calculate the amount of money spent and split the bill. The interface looks like a calculator and has separate tabs to calculate each person’s share.

5.FL Studio Mobile: This mobile application is guaranteed to grab all attention. The interface is designed like a keyboard, and gives you the feel of playing the keys when you navigate the menu. When you play a song, the audio tracks light up in bright colors and move with the music.

Once you checkout all these apps in detail, you will see that creativity, innovation and simplicity are their core concepts. The theme of the app design perfectly matched with the functionality of the mobile application. If you want such interesting mobile UI designs for your application, then you should look for a Mobile UI Design Company that has ample expertise and experience in this field.

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