Stay Ahead Competition Even as You Prepare for Your PG Medical Entrance Tests

Posted by dunitzsantrino on July 24th, 2014

After 5 grueling years of studying medicine, you still have to prove your expertise by specializing in a particular field in your post graduation degree. You would have worked for hours and referred to countless books while preparing for your medical entrance examination. But that will be child’s play when compared to the level of difficulty and competition you will face when you apply for the PG medical entrance test.

The cream of the crop, the top rankers are the ones who join the medical school after high school. So, when you are doing your medical PG entrance exam preparation, keep in mind that you will be competing with some of the top brains of the nation. The years of medical study, the back-to-back schedules and tiring internships will all have tested even the strongest. And only the ones who were able to clear all these challenges will be ready to take up their post graduation studies. Now that you are totally aware of the level of competition you will be facing, you should start your preparations in earnest.

First and foremost, you should analyze your strengths and weakness before you begin your PG medical entrance test preparations. Identify the subjects that you are very good in and the ones that require a lot of studying. Based on all these factors and the advice of your guides and teachers, choose a particular stream of study for your post graduation. After you’ve done that you can plan your studies accordingly. Some entrance exams may have negative markings, and you can’t afford to lose out of those marks. So, even if you are not very confident in a particular subject or area of medicine, get help as early as possible. So, you will be able to face those questions in the exams.

There are numerous medical universities in the country, and each one may have its own entrance exam. Don’t apply to all the exams and wear yourself thin. Check out the number of seats in each PG medical college and analyze the situation to find out what are the odds of you getting a seat in that particular college even before you buy the application for the entrance examination. Once you have decided the PG medical entrance tests you are going to apply for, check out their question paper pattern. Get sample question papers, solved as well as unsolved question papers, so you can familiarize yourself with the pattern and check the time taken to attend each section. When you’re preparing for your medical PG entrance exam, think of smart work rather than hard work.

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