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Posted by Barefoot Wall on January 11th, 2021

If you are a romance and fantasy lover, or even if you just enjoy fantasy, then this collection of stories, which spans nearly three hundred pages, is for you. It is by far the best book on the market right now that combines mystery with suspense and romance. In Romance Book Review - "The Hit" by Peter V Brett , it may be my favorite book of all time. In Falling Like Roses, David Shannon weaves a macabre yet delightful tale of love, death, and secrets. If you like your romance with a twist, this is the book for you. The majority of the story is told from the point of view of Coraline's mother, who takes Coraline to her deathbed. There s quite a fair split between romance and suspense, particularly with a splash of creepy paranormal thrown into the mix probably forty percent, 50% of the time. Usually prefer more of a romance than suspense, maybe even more, but in here it's just so perfectly done and naturally integrated that really can't complain. David Shannon does a wonderful job of bringing this material to life, making sure it feels real. You can feel the emotions, both the love and the fear, and the tension that take place throughout. This collection of short stories, called Falling Like Roses, is one of the year's most popular picks. It's set around two major events in Coraline's world, both of which are incredibly sad. The first of these is the death of her mother, a beautiful, loving woman who never realized her full potential. The second is the birth of her son, whom she has always wanted. This tragic event leads Coraline to wonder if her power, which was made possible through the dying of a dream self, might also be able to create a ghost in the human world, someone who could fulfill her dreams.

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