New Moon by Jennifer Knight

Posted by Barefoot Wall on January 11th, 2021

Romance is big business these days, and Mr. & Mrs. Knight is no exception. They're both very busy with their own romantic lives and, as a result, don't have time to write a conventional romance novel. So, they turn to an unknown writer to get that creative juices flowing and give them something to write about in their leisure time, which I think is pretty cool. Romance has long been the dark art of creating characters that seduce, while keeping the reader's attention through symbolism, simile, allusion, or all out fantasy. This isn't the case with this series, however, as all the magic happens between them, which works perfectly as romance, instead of sleazy sleaze. Mr. & Mrs. Knight is not your typical couple. There s quite a wide split between romance and suspense, possibly 40% in this book, and a tinge of paranormal thrown into it probably 50%. Normally prefer a more intense romance than suspense, since then it tends to be so much fun, but here it's so gorgeously done and naturally integrated that no one can complain. Romance isn't what your average romance book is all about, but Mr. & Mrs. "How to Live in the Heart of Love" Series Reaches New York Review makes romance work for their story, and does it exceptionally well. You don't usually get this variety, but this is a great example of it, and a definite recommend to anyone looking for this type of book. Romance has always had a difficult time standing up to serious analysis, with books like Twilight and Harry Potter having done their damage, but I think Mr. Knight has done the most to modernize romance for the modern reader. There isn't a lot of romance in these books, so much is given to foreplay and descriptions of emotions and what the characters feel rather than the story itself. However, this is a great example of how romance should work. The author takes the typical romance book and gives it modern twists.

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