Ratcheting Screwdriver Aiding Home Repairs

Posted by megapro on July 24th, 2014

It is a fact that screwdrivers are one of the most necessary components for any home repair kit. They are mainly used to pull out stubborn screws from furniture or equipment. You will find that the hand tool market has various types of screwdrivers. Each one of them is designed to serve a specific purpose. However, the most useful of them is the ratcheting screwdriver. You can purchase this tool in your local market, as well as in the internet shops.

Ratcheting screwdrivers consist of a ratchet to turn the blade in one direction and a spiral to rotate the blade when downward pressure is applied on the handle. These screwdrivers have a blade locked to the handle to enable a clockwise rotation to loosen screws. It is disengaged when you need to rotate it anti-clockwise to tighten screws.

Users find the ratcheting screwdriver the best, because their utility is exercised in multiple ways. Actually, they are multi-purpose tools, since they can perform many jobs that need a variety of screwdrivers. However, this tool works simply by changing screwdriver bits. Usually, you will find a mini ratcheting screwdriver set, which has five double-sided bits. All you are required to do is insert the correct size and shape by matching the screw to its required bit.

One of the frequently used tools is the Robertson screwdriver. It is named after its inventor P.L. Robertson. This type of screwdriver is used to drive and loosen screws with a square head. It is a popular screw in Canada, but it is not very widespread in the United States. This type of tool is used for many projects. For example, it is used for making cabinets, decks, vinyl windows, vinyl doors and many things made of sheet metal.

Another exceptionally handy tool is the Torx screwdriver set, which is a type of six-pointed screw head. The main benefit of this type of screwdriver is that it prevents cam-out and increases manufacturing efficiency. While working with this tool, the screw does not slip out of the fastener until a particular torque level is reached. Thus, it significantly reduces damage to the driver tip, screw head and screwdriver. Due to this unique feature, the Torx screw's life is impressive, and it reduces time, effort and cost spent in working.

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