Five things you donít know about custom jewelry boxes

Posted by Edward Smyth on January 12th, 2021

Let us read about a few facts related to custom jewelry boxes; 

  1. They have been around for centuries 

Many individuals believe that jewelry boxes are used by women only. This, however, is not true. Since the very beginning of civilizations, both men and women have been accessorizing themselves using jewelry. Although, the reason for accessorizing was to differ from other tribes during the earlier days. Later on, jewelry items were used for adorning. Custom jewelry boxes for women, children, and even men have been around for a few centuries. While they were created from versatile fabrics and materials and different shapes for women and children, they were manufactured in limited designs and materials for men. 

Today, jewelry brands and businesses are using the same concept to provide custom jewelry packaging for their customers. But this jewelry packaging is mostly cardboard-based and printed at a commercial level. It caters to the needs and products’ requirements of different clients. The packaging industry is ready to bid farewell to the standard set-up boxes, which are unflattering for the customers. 

  1. Custom rigid boxes are popularly used by premium brands  

The cardboard-based custom jewelry boxes are a delightful packaging option. They add elements of surprise, care and love to the final product. The heritage jewelry brands and the premium brands of the industry often make use of custom rigid boxes to exceed their customer’s expectations. This custom rigid packaging is as alluring as the items placed inside it. It helps in adding to the worth of the brand in the customer’s mind. The cardboard boxes used for this packaging type are manufactured from the strongest cardboard stock. Best themes are created for its printing and branding needs by the top-of-the-line packaging companies like ClipnBox. These companies make use of the modern offset printing techniques to give classy finishes to these boxes.  

These custom boxes are enhanced using addons along with superior layouts with magnetic closure to transform their looks from ordinary boxes to extraordinary ones.  

  1. Custom jewelry packaging boosts sales  

Take a moment to think about the jewelry packaging offered by Tiffany. The first thing that comes to mind is its peculiar blue. Imagine if you, as a jewelry brand, have a signature brand theme that the customers can identify instantly. Won’t that be just awesome? Custom jewelry packaging provides you with a chance to build a strong brand identity with your target audience. As a brand, you can choose to focus on a signature color of logos to differentiate yourself from others in the market. But when selecting the branding elements, companies must prefer those elements, which help increase brand visibility and shelf impact. 

  1. Eco-friendly jewelry packaging is more popular 

When selecting jewelry packaging, you as a brand must remember to prefer eco-friendly jewelry packaging options over others. This packaging type is made from recycled material and does not involve the use of virgin material. It prevents the depletion of the planet’s resources and consumes lesser energy. Because of these reasons, the cost of eco-friendly and biodegradable jewelry packaging is less than traditional packaging options. Moreover, eco-friendly stock usage will reduce the use of plastic, which is harmful to our planet and all the species living on it. Ideally, you as a brand should be responsible for packaging right from its point of sourcing up to its responsible perishing.  

  1. Quirky custom jewelry boxes are trending  

As a jewelry brand, you must consider the latest trends that are gaining popularity in your industry. It is the era of quirky custom jewelry boxes. Once you have identified the different lifestyle elements that your target audience relates to, it is time to create doodles and mini-illustrations. This can include doddles of jewelry items to be placed inside the box. The companies can even select signature characters for their brand and use their custom jewelry boxes as a storyboard to capture interesting scenarios of life. 

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