Benefits of Healthy Food Delivery in Bangkok

Posted by Hailey on January 12th, 2021

There’s a quiet revolution taking place that will benefit Bangkok’s residents. It makes dealing with the lockdowns of COVID-19 easier to bear and improves your health at a time when everyone is concerned about staying healthy above all else. It involves healthy food delivery in Bangkok that makes it unnecessary to venture out to shop. And it will help improve the health of the planet as well if this revolution begins to grow and spread in popularity. 

Plant Based food

Adopting a Plant-Based Diet

The revolution also includes adopting a plant-based diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. Some lifelong carnivores shudder at the thought of being deprived of a juicy burger or dish of kra pao moo and rice. Yet the days are fast approaching where they may not even realize when these meats are replaced by plant-based substitutes that have the same texture and taste as their unhealthy counterparts.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are two of the several companies that have introduced meat substitute products that have made headlines around the world. Now Bangkok residents can taste and enjoy the flavors of Beyond Meat in a healthy food delivery in Bangkok.

Reducing your dependency on meat and dairy can reduce your risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease by lowering your cholesterol. Animal fats are well-known sources of life-threatening LDL cholesterol. By adopting a plant-based diet, you'll lower your cholesterol levels, improve your digestion by consuming more fiber, and consume greater amounts of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. 

Reducing the Amount of Unhealthy Oil in Our Diet

Cooking oil is responsible for not only higher levels of cholesterol but also the ingestion of trans fats that can further boost cholesterol levels. Deep-frying is about the unhealthiest food that can be prepared as well. While it's better to use avocado, olive, or coconut oil for frying food, a healthy food delivery in Bangkok from Pranaa will be entirely oil-free.

The quiet revolution in eating habits in Bangkok also includes using modern conveniences like air fryers to eliminate the need for oil, baking instead of frying and stir-frying using vegetable instead of oil, and using coconut milk instead of oil. The result is silky-textured, flavorful food that’s good for you and won’t make you feel like you’re missing anything at all from your meal. 

Benefits to the Environment

Everyone in South-east Asia knows the negative consequences of palm oil. Palm oil plantations have been responsible for large amounts of jungle habitat destruction across Malaysia and Indonesia. But as long as the demand for palm oil keeps growing, the oil producers will keep on destroying valuable tropical forests. 

The most visible victims of this destruction have been elephants, tapirs, and the gentle and intelligent orang-utan. But countless other species of animals, reptiles, and birds have suffered as well. 

Enjoy a healthy food delivery in Bangkok from Pranaa. You'll not only be helping yourself and your family live healthier lives, but you'll also be lending support against the wanton destruction of South-east Asia's forests and habitats due to the excessive consumption of unhealthy oil.    

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