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Posted by RMS Industries on January 12th, 2021

Manual cranes and Hoist are still the first preference of many industries when it comes to shift or lift the material from one place to another. Though with the passage of time, modernization, technical up gradation and better engineering development Electronic cranes and automatic Hoist have become quite popular yet Manual Hoist is what workforce prefers on the shop floor.

What is Manual Hoist? What are its features and attributes?

A manual hoist is one of the most widely used industrial equipment that is ubiquitous in all the factories, warehouses, crane Manufacturers units, production houses, ports and transportation hubs. It is a very simple device that functions on basic physics and mechanics. It supports in material handling where it lifts and lowers the load as per the requirement and assist in the basic movement of heavy machinery, containers, parts or bulky industrial material. Some of the features of monorail hoist are as follows.    

  • Simple device that works on basic mechanics.
  • Lifts heavy load and displace them as required.
  • It is made up of durable and reliable steel that can bear heavy loads.
  • Lift chain loops the material and assist in lifting and lowering.
  • Comprise of both Push and Pull trolleys.
  • Capacity ranges till 20 tons.
  • Easy to assemble, operate and dismantle.
  • Must be lubricated and greased well for easy operation. 

Functions of a Manual Hoist

Though many lndustrial crane have now shifted from manual to electronic Hoist, yet the functions performed by a manual hoist make them a necessity at construction sites and other mechanical industries. Electronic cranes require huge investment and space to operate. Moreover, the employees should be well qualified and trained to use them. The industries that are completely labour-oriented and operate in semi-automated plants prefer manual hoists.  Some of the functions of a manual hoist are:

  • Lift heavyweight material and lower it where required.
  • Preferable for lifting less bulky goods.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Does not require any fuel or power to operate.
  • Can operate even if there is no electricity in the plant.
  • Can function well with timely greasing and lubrication.

Due to its simplicity, manual cranes and manual Hoist are very popular in Indian factories. They are best suited for small and medium scale enterprises that require manual material handling.  

Best Material Handling Cranes in India

India is surely leading in manufacturing and exporting material handling cranes. With best of engineering research and development, the presence of highly talented engineers, robust infrastructure companies like RMS industries have pioneered in this space with their brand LOADMATE. At Loadmate, you get the best experience of sourcing and purchasing material handling cranes. It is because they emphasize a lot on safety and security of the personnel operating the cranes. Moreover, they also focus on customers and attempt to satisfy their needs without giving them a chance to complain or hesitate.

If you are looking for a manual hoist, you should surely consider Loadmate. Cranes produced by Loadmate are the best and most efficient in their performance. They promise the best value for money.

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