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Posted by John Smith on July 26th, 2014

Sometime I wonder what would the life had been if there were no colors, everything would have been in such a blasphemy that we would have not known anything but lines, there would not have been any science, any mathematics behind the life, no geometry at all. Everything would have been like a negative film marked with few lines. The god gave us birth as human who could identify the color of His creations.  Then again to remember the happiest moments in your life he gave human an idea of capturing a picture. Since then history was created and re-lived by many people.
Being in a world full of technology it is hard to believe that your pictures do not look pretty, the people who say that they are not photogenic are not aware of what could technology do to their looks. Most of the models and actors across the globe are not really what they look in real. It is the airbrush effect and image masking being done by the image developers to pacify the over detailed features of the person and make them look for having a smoother skin, better features and a glitzy effect on a simple and plain picture.  There are more than 10000 applications available in the market and zillions of effects that could be done on your picture it is just the matter of choosing the best frame for any of the picture taken along an angle.
Some of the pictures and forms of dance looks wonderful when they are done with some properties such as that of umbrellas, hoopster, rings, ribbons, miming, shadow making, monochrome & hogla-ish, some look better when put in High definition resolutions. Every effect has its own specialty and looks perfect in that effect only. All you need to have is a creative eye to enhance the picture you pick. Every person in the world has their own flaws, it is only about how you take those flaws by yourself and represent to the world. The professional image developers can make a simple picture of a pen or a printer or a safety pin look extravagant and tempting that one may want to buy it as soon as you see it.
The most common thing that each image developer across the world does is model retouching, and beauty retouching this gives a sense of clear picture of an object or a person or any other thing that come across. The image developers has a creative eye and vision to look at things through his imaginative wings and they have the ability to manually or with the help of technology make better your picture and moment lived in them. Some of the photographers across the world have chosen the specifics in their art such as that of model filming, art photography, trick photography, wedding photography, sport photography and some amateurs like us keep clicking our own selves. The power of photography is so profound that it has made a difference to the lifestyle of everyone on this earth.

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