Physicians in the land of 20 million people- Mumbai

Posted by krishna on July 26th, 2014

Being the most populous city of India and the fourth in the world, majority of people in Mumbai reside in chawls. With poor sanitation, improper disposal of garbage and waste products, and unsafe sewage disposal, this city is a host for many diseases.


With the prevalence of diseases such as malaria, dengue, diarrhea, typhoid, hypertension, tuberculosis and diabetes, Mumbai has aced in the population as well as disease department. And let’s not even get started on the Mumbai traffic. Travelling is either through the local human-filled trains or the always-filled-with-cars roads. Not to mention the cumbersome task of travelling when you are unwell and then waiting outside the doctor’s clinic for your turn.

Wouldn’t it be just easier to know the time that the doctor will see you? To not have to wait, for maybe hours, for your turn? It can get really frustrating. But there’s always a way! Our tech-savvy generation needs technologically advanced doctors. Therefore, a lot of sites have introduced the option for booking appointments online, making the process of visiting doctors a cakewalk.

With diminishing physical activity and even lesser care for our health, the rate of illnesses has been gradually increasing. Fever, cold, body ache have become a common occurrence. People keep a stock of crocin and paracetamol at their homes. But what to do when you can’t identify the problem?


That’s where physicians come in. And with a 20 million population, I think physicians in Mumbai are no less than a blessing. Who would you go to with a stomach ache or for that matter, any ailment or injury? It is the physicians that diagnose and treat our illnesses and injuries. It is the physicians that counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare.

So, the presence of physicians in Mumbai is of grave significance. Now, let’s face it, a fever doesn’t always mean a viral, and the solution for all stomach aches may not be Pudhin Hara. At some point, we have to quit diagnosing ourselves and take an expert disease. But you won’t just run to a cardiologist for a chest pain now, would you?

And isn’t it too good to be true to be informed before-hand as to when the doctor will be available for us?


Honestly, booking appointments online is no less than a breakthrough. Sometimes the doctor might be on a leave, and sometimes he’d already have a line of patients waiting before you even enter his clinic. This is especially the case with physicians in Mumbai. With masses of patients every day, with a horde of ailments to be treated, physicians are in great demand. And why shouldn’t they be? They are the ones who refer us to specialists. They are the ones who counsel us on our health.

Physicians in Mumbai, as well as all other cities, have a great role to play in our well-being. From diagnosing to providing solutions, they do it all. So before you visit one, an online appointment would be preferred for an easy and satisfying experience, especially if you are from the land brimming with humans- Mumbai.

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