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Posted by raynajess on July 26th, 2014

Social media marketing is essential for any online business. You can use social media to reach out to your contacts worldwide to promote your brand, your product and your service. A beautiful element of social media is that people love to visit your website when they like what you post on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest and so on. But you need to facilitate so that your contacts actually visit your website and this can be perfectly done when you shorten URLs. In fact, you can make them visit more by using a custom URL shortener.

Everyone uses the URL shortener service. When a webpage is rather lengthy and contains almost a hundred characters, posting it directly on Facebook and Twitter makes it look ugly. And the moment someone sees this rather long URL, they tend to be suspicious. Now you may have some hardcore fans and followers on your social media accounts and they wouldn’t mind clicking this large link. But there will be many more who are not your direct contacts and they may feel uncomfortable following such a long link. When you shorten URLs, you make them feel safe and comfortable enough to follow the link. A short URL is neat and professional looking and it creates a professional image of your business. And the best part is that you don’t need to pay for shortening your webpage URL.

To shorten URLs, a user has to visit one of the websites that offer this service. There are many actually. Search Google and you can find plenty of names. When you visit one of the top sites in this domain, you see a plain interface. There is usually a textbox where you are required to paste the URL of your webpage. The URL will be converted into a short URL within moments. From more than 100 characters in your URL, you can reduce the number of characters to 22 or 23 at the most. Can you see how beneficial this can be for your business? When you post in Twitter, you have 140 characters at the most. A normal URL can easily eat up all these characters, but a short URL won’t. So, you have space to post some other message too. As far as Facebook and Pinterest and other social media websites are concerned, a short URL looks neat and professional.

However, you can go a notch higher by using a custom URL shortener. See this – you see a short URL and you immediately know that the link will take you to the New York Times website. With a custom URL shortener, you can create a professional image for your brand. Promote it properly and your followers will know it’s you when they look at the URL. And they wouldn’t mind paying a visit. You need to purchase a short domain when you want to shorten URLs in a customized manner and then use one of the URL shortener websites. You can find out more when you research online.

You get immense benefits when you shorten URLs. But you stand to gain more when you use a custom URL shortener.

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