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Posted by RaynaJess on July 27th, 2014

So, you have heard all about the benefits of shorter url and now wish to try it out for yourself? Do you know what a url cutter is? Or, for that matter, how to create short url? Whether you talk about blogs or social media networking websites like twitter and facebook, the need for using shorter urls in order to make it more convenient and reachable for the clients is on the rise. This is especially convenient for messaging service providers where there is a limit to the number of characters that can be present in a particular url. Minus all the technicalities of a url including data hierarchies, session information, command structure, etc., a url should be nothing more than a guiding light for the visitors to find and enter the webpage that they believe will offer them what they require. In the following paragraphs we will discuss the features of a url shortener and how you should go about creating a short url.

What is a url Cutter?

It is a software or program wherein you can paste your original website address and follow the instructions to get a shorter version of your website’s url. There is also an option to custom your short url for the one that you prefer and not the one the software is offering you. There are a number of url cutters available online that offer the service free of cost.

How to create short url?

Once you have got hand of a quality url cutter then you can just put in the url of your website and wait for the software to do its work and give you a much shorter and wackier form of your page url. You need to enter one or more than one urls which needs to be shortened and hit the button that says create url or shorten url, depending on the website you are in. Following this, you can also choose to customize you short url and give the instructions accordingly.

You can also set a particular password to go with your shorter version of urls and fill in the rest of the details that are required by the website. This is one of the easiest methods to create short url.

Benefits of getting shorter url

When you have decided that you want to get a shorter url for your website you also need to know the benefits of using url cutter. Of course, it is convenient and your visitors will not have a difficult time in memorizing the web page address. You can also make a url and add it to social bookmarking sites or share it in your social media networking sites so that the target audience gets to take a look at it and visit your website. You can also learn how to create short url by following the simple to follow guidelines and instructions in certain websites and get your own shorter url created in no time at all.

Keeping all the above information in mind it shouldn’t be a hassle to create short url using a url cutter software that offers a range of options to the users.

Use a url cutter and create short url in a jiffy.

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