What material is pu yoga mat?

Posted by Allen Lee on January 12th, 2021

The English interpretation of PU anti-skid pad is polyurethane material, which is a kind of environmentally friendly material that is more commonly used in the market to make anti-skid pad products.

PU anti-slip mat is not corrosive, will not corrode other places under long-term exposure, and will only fade a little, and it is non-toxic and odorless, and will not affect the surrounding environment.

PU Yoga mats are in direct contact with your body when you are doing yoga exercises, providing you with support, shock absorption, and anti-slip functions. This has certain requirements for elasticity and strength. Because you may sweat during exercise, slip resistance is also important. Furthermore, the material should be environmentally friendly, free of odor, and not harmful to the human body.

Choosing this PU material yoga mat will not cause such problems, and it will also make it have a longer service life than other yoga mats.

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