Choose Full HD Network Cameras for your Security Reasons

Posted by exache on July 28th, 2014

Video imageries are also an integral part for maintaining a security system. It is most important that the quality of such imageries be good and these can be stored for a longer period of time. Earlier, these were recorded in video cassettes for easy retrieval, but with the advancement in technology many thing changed over the course of time and now Full HD Network Cameras are widely used for all security applications. This is mainly because of the many advantages of the Full HD Network Cameras in comparison to the old analog cameras. It is not that the later is now not used any more but keeping in mind, the benefits of Full HD Network Cameras, it is always best to choose the same and to make no compromise with security of yourself and your valuables. It is best to first understand what exactly Full HD Network Cameras are.

Know about Full HD Network Camera

Full HD Network Cameras exhibit high-definition video as the name suggests. Earlier, it was 720 p, but nowadays many companies like UK based EXACHE offering 1080p Full HD Network Cameras of different types to cater to the security needs of their clients in a better way. The image quality of such Full HD Network Cameras is also three times better than that captured by an analog camera. The images are scanned mainly by two systems progressive scanning and interlaced scanning. The Full HD Network Cameras that offers progressive scanning are denoted by HD 1080p and those that offer interlaced scanning are denoted as HD 1080i. With brilliant image quality, no video appears hazy with these Full HD Network Cameras.

Why network cameras?

The next thing after understand HD comes across in your mind will be why network cameras. Well, network cameras allow transmission of imageries over long distance can be well integrated with computers. The use of such high definition network cameras help in easy monitoring of a place from a long distance and add scalability to the entire security system. Also known as IP cameras, network cameras have several components like lens, image sensor, processors, and last but not the least a memory. Moreover, as people are now very much computer savvy, it helps to choose network cameras as the captured images by such cameras can be send as motion JPEG or MPEG format. It is possible to send the captured images via an email also.

Thus, it is best to use Full HD Network Cameras for its multiple benefits and enhanced security surveillance. Such types of cameras are now available from leading suppliers like EXACHE in different types like dome, bullet, PTZ, ANPR, etc.

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