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Contacting the best unfair dismissal advocates Melbourne

Posted by kimporter on July 28th, 2014

One of the most common and stressful problems that an employee could experience is the possibility to suffer an unfair dismissal. Legislation provides that the employers who tend to fire their employees without a valid reason should provide either compensation or reinstatement. There still are many cases in which the employees have to go through the Fair Work Commission to lodge their claim. If you consider you are one of these employees, then it is recommended to seek professional advice from a reliable and trustworthy dismissal representative. There are some people out there who consider they can deal alone with the unfair dismissal without the professional support of an advocate or representative . An highly experienced advocate has the necessary knowledge and experience for building a strong and logical case against that employer and therefore, the chances to win the case are increased. All in all, if you are interested in contacting the best unfair dismissal advocates, “Just Relations” in Melbourne is the best choice.

Having the help of your highly qualified and experienced advocate, you’ll have the opportunity to show the Fair Work Commission that you are the victim of an unfair dismissal. Generally, it is worth knowing the fact there are two principal methods for ensuring that: your advocate will show that your employer didn’t use a fair process when he/she decided to let you go from your position or your advocate can demonstrate the fact that your dismissal is based on an unfair reason.

In order to prove everything in the Fair Work Commission, your advocate needs to gather all the necessary information concerning your case in order to support it, in a professional manner. When we think of the evidence he must gather, we may include witness statements or emails provided by your colleagues. If everything goes well in Fair Work Commission, the tribunal will offer you compensation or reinstatement.

It is considered that “Just Relations” in Melboure has some of the best unfair dismissal advocates and they are: Garry Dircks, Alan Dircks, Nicholas Dircks and Tom Koletsos. All of them have dealt with many cases, and have managed to accumulate the necessary experience and knowledge for coming up with successful cases. Therefore, whenever you face the difficulties generated by an unfair dismissal, you can count on their professional support.

To conclude with, if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy unfair dismissal advocates, you could definitely count on “Just Relations” in Melbourne. Don’t hesitate in contacting them as soon as possible and they will make sure they will build a strong case that will be presented in the Fair Work Commission.

Being involved in an unfair dismissal can have a serious impact on your state of mind and well-being. In order to avoid any complications that could take place, it is recommendable to contact the best unfair dismissal advocates in Melbourne as soon as possible and they will offer you a professional support. They have the necessary experience and strategies for helping out victims of unfair dismissal.

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