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Posted by Remedymart on July 28th, 2014

Women are always very beauty conscious. The care for their beauty never gets old even if the face does. Women can do anything to look flawless. Skin is an integral part of beauty. Beauty is there only if the skin is flawless. It is like a flower without nectar if a woman has flaws in the skin. Acne is the biggest damage caused to the skin. Especially for girls in their teenage acne is the biggest torture. They look bad and their skin is not clear. Getting in for beauty treatments at such a young age would prove harmful to the skin on the face as it is delicate. Going for homemade remedies is the best solution. It is natural and free from chemicals which are a threat to the skin.

Some Homemade Remedies Are:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a very effective remedy for removal of acne with the spots. Care should be taken that one does not apply this more. Some easy steps are; pat dry the face with water and apply the apple cider vinegar in 1:3 ratios with water on the place of the acne. Leave it for 10mins and wash it with water. Do it often for the best results. Apply a moisturizer which suits the respective skin type.
  • Cinnamon and Honey Mask: spices are always strong in their reactions. Honey is known for the magic it creates on the skin. A great blend of this literally is the best for acne. Cinnamon must be powdered and mixed well with honey. After a good clean face wash pat dry the face and apply the paste on the acne. Leave it for about 20-25mins for the best of the results.Apply a moisturizer which suits the respective skin type. Then wash it off. Following this regularly gives the best of the results.
  • The Egg White: whites’ of the egg is the most effective. Around 3-4 egg whites are to be whipped till they get frothy. This froth must be left to settle for some time. After pat drying the face, this paste is to be applied and left for 20 minutes. Applying 3-4 layers of the paste results to be effective. After 20 minutes and it is dry it should be washed with warm water and the face should be pat dried. Applying the moisturizer suiting the respective skin type is necessary.
  • Papaya The Skin Boon: papaya is one of the most effective and healthy remedies of them all. It is nature borne and it also gives a good glow along with the removal of acne. It must be made a paste. Pat dry the face after a good face wash. Apply the paste on the skin with more on the acne part. Leave it for 20 minutes and allow it to settle. Later wash it off with warm water. Again pat dry the face. If the skin gets too dry apply a moisturizer which is suitable for the respective skin type.

These remedies are one of the safest and the best remedies for acne. They have been seen to give good results for ages of all kinds. All types of skin can be treated with these. In case of any side effects while the usage consult a dermatologist.

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