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Procedures of Adoption Victoria and Queensland

Posted by tedmark on July 28th, 2014

Adoption is a legal procedure whereby the legal relationship between a child and their birth parents ceases to exist and they are entwined in a new relationship with their adoptive parents. Adoption is also one of the greatest humanitarian moves where a child gets a family who will love and support them and the parents get the opportunity to shower their emotions on a child. In Australia, adoption follows certain rules that change from one state to another, while the basics of adoption remain the same. Hence adoption Victoria is different from the rules for adoption Queensland, giving us all the more reason to study both the procedures separately so that there is no confusion for the parents who wish to adopt in the county or outside it.

Adoption Victoria

Adoption is a beautiful act of love and care that parents can show to a child who needs the protective embrace of a family. In Victoria, you will be able to adopt a child by following the rules and regulations set by the government body in the state. The legislation for adoption programs was first brought in the year in 1928. Since then thousands of Victorian residents have either put up their child for adoption or have adopted a child as a member of their own family. Adoption Victoria has become all the more popular owing to the excellent adoption services offered by the Department of Human Services who not only keep a record of the children ready for adoption but also list of parents who wish to adopt a child.

Adoption Queensland

In Queensland, adoption and permanent care is taken care by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. They have set down the rules that you need to follow in order to adopt a child. Adoption Queensland helps in different kinds of adoption procedures, for example, parents who wish to place their children for adoption, children who require adoption and people who wish to attain information on adoption. You can also access information related to      past adoption, local adoption and intercounty adoption practices from the department should you feel the need. The adoption practices in the state of Queensland follow two legislations in general; firstly the Adoption Act 2009 and secondly the Adoption Regulation 2009. These laws guide adoption procedures for the concerned department and the adoptive parents.

Intercounty adoption is possible in both instances of adoption Queensland and adoption Victoria. You need to contact the concerned department in each state in order to recieve in-depth information about adoption of children from other counties to the county where you live. Local adoption laws are comparatively more relaxed than intercounty laws, as the respective governments encourage adoptive parents to take in children from the same county. In both cases, the purpose is the same – it is to allow the parents to find a child on whom they can shower their love and care on and ensure a protective family for a child who has been given them up for adoption.

There are different regulations of Adoption Victoria and Adoption Queensland. You should research online before taking a decision.

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