How to Tell If a Firearm Is Right for You When Buying Online

Posted by on January 12th, 2021

It has never been easier to buy guns online. Thanks to sites like, for example, you can browse thousands of listing from the comfort of home and have a firearm shipped to your local FFL. That being said, without holding a gun in person, many potential buyers might be hesitant.

There is only so much that a spec sheet can tell you. As you probably know, sometimes a firearm just feels “right” in your hands. While you might not be able to hold and see a gun in person before buying it online, there are still plenty of things that can signal a great purchase or something you should pass on. Here is how to tell if a firearm is right for you when buying online.

You Have Obsessed Over It

It can be easy to go down a rabbit hole when browsing guns for sale online. Just like anything else, firearms are a hobby for most of us, with some of us bordering on obsessed. If you have been browsing multiple listings for a certain model, reading reviews, watching videos, and clearly invested your time in learning more about the gun, chances are it is the right one for you. Buying any gun, whether it is your first or fifth, is a major decision, and if you have put in the time to understand a specific model, even if you have never shot one, chances are you will enjoy it once you buy it because you know so much about it and set your expectations ahead of time.

You Have Experience with It or Have Heard Good Things

If you have experience with a gun, no matter how limited, you should have a fairly good idea of what to expect. Or, you maybe have had a gun recommended to you by a trusted friend in real life or on an online forum. The gun community is huge and full of knowledgeable people with plenty of collective experience with practically every firearm on the planet. If you have mentioned you are interested in a certain gun and someone you trust recommends it, it is a solid bet that you will enjoy your new gun before even shooting it yourself.

The Price Is Perfect

Finally, sometimes the price is just too perfect not to take a shot at a certain firearm. Especially when buying a gun through an online auction, you have the chance to score a deal on a firearm you would not have had you paid the retail price at a gun shop. If you are somewhat interested in a gun and see it going for a great price, take a shot at it. The worst-case scenario is that you do not love it as much but can easily sell it on a trusted online platform.


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