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Posted by Cassandra27 on July 29th, 2014

Sorcerer tank is relatively popular among ESO players. At the end of the scheduled maintenance, would you like to come back to Sorc tank? What have you achieved in Sorc tank? If you want to experience this interesting job combination, you can purchase ESO gold cheap and fast at esocheapgold.

Issues and maintenance in ESO

Since the Elder Scrolls Online has been launched, there are several maintenances to deal with a variety of bugs and issues. After the latest maintenance is completed, players can play this game smoothly.

Further, on May 21, the private messages on ESO forums are unavailable temporarily beginning 9:30AM EDT in order to investigate the gold spam issues. Once they are re-enabled, there will be an update on the official forum.

Besides, Zenimax are busy with fixing some known issues in Nightblade class in this game, for example, Dark Cloak to remove damage-over-time and haste to apply 30% attack speed to ranged weapons. Is it time to appeal to Zenimax to optimize Sorcerer?

What is your opinion for Sorcerer tank?

Sorcerer tank is competitive compared with others. But curiously, why is nobody talking about it? Here, many players give their answers to this question.

1. Few of them are tired of class-based MMO game play so that they choose a tanking wizard in this game.

2. Since there are so many tank Dragon Knight builds soloing 12 Craglorn Trials, it is very hard to receive the corresponding outcome with the output. Afterwards, they may do this for themselves.

However, it is still many players that play Sorcerer tank. For their game play experience, they share many useful strategies to deal with this class. Usually, players can tank in plenty of heavy armor, but if you have bound aegis and boundless storm, you don’t need to do it. In this class, you can enjoy healing and DPS frequently.

Would you like Sorcerer tank? Do you have anything interesting to share with others? If you are finding more fun and thrill, you might as well tank in Sorcerer. Anyway, esocheapgold will spare no efforts to provide you with the cheap and fast ESO gold at any time.

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