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Posted by Cassandra27 on July 29th, 2014

Zenimax has posted the upcoming fixes and improvements in Nightblade. But for all these updates, some players suggest that the fixes on Nightblade should be focused on animation canceling, instead of weapon damage.

Fixes and improvements

Zenimax has put many efforts to improve the Nightblade class. The following adjustments will be brought into Patch 1.2.X.

1. Heavy attack damage is increased.
2. Incapacitating Strike can deal with critical strikes.
3. Spell power and weapon power increase
4. Path of Darkness damage will be visible to all players, and will be increased.
5. Refreshing Path will be able to heal allies. The healing will also be slightly increased.
6. Refreshing Shadows will always be active, and will no longer require you to use an ability.

The above information is from the forum of ESO official site.

Besides, some known issues in Nightblade are investigating, and will be fixed in a future patch. Note that the following are the issues under the investigation, but not the exact issues listed in the future patch.

1. Dark Cloak, the morph of Shadow Cloak, cannot remove DPS debuffs as it should be.
2. Haste doesn’t apply 30% attack speed increase to the ranged weapons.
3. Mark Target makes players see and attack enemies sneaking, instead of ones invisible.
4. Pressure Points work as the plan, but display the incorrect critical strike rating bonus.
5. There is a bug in Siphoning Attacks, which doesn’t restore health now.

All above issues are investigating, and will be fixed on a future patch. However, for this updates in the future, players have their own unique understandings.

Weapon damage for Nightblade

Some players think this update is useless for Nightblade in some degree, because still nothing will keep them from being outcast in trials groups. They need to heal or tank as before.

What is important for Nightblade Damager per Second is that, when many class abilities become more powerful, they still focus on weapon damage boost. Many skills, like Reaper’s Mark, Focused Attacks, Power Extraction, and Surprise Attack, look great on paper, but they are meaningless with animation canceling. In fact, many Nightblade bonuses are gained through indirect ways, and only a few are from weapon damage.

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