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Posted by Cassandra27 on July 29th, 2014

Recently, some ESO players complain that they spend more than 2 months on the campaign, but have got nothing. What happens on the campaign? Anyway, players can buy cheap ESO gold to move up your leaderboard rapidly with the skills you have gained in Scourage. So your energy and ESO gold are not in vain.

No leaderboard scores transferred to the new campaign

A player claimed that all his guild members was the top player for AD on the EU server, and they spent more than two months to play this game for the rewards for the top 20 to 50 players on the campaign. But it seems that their rewards have been deleted with campaign.

For this issue, the developers have made a reply. Except for the apology, they wish the new campaign can bring players a new game experience and joy. Besides, they confirmed that during the transfer, the ranking cannot be retained. The Alliance Points to buy siege and the change of alliance have been transferred to the new campaign. But the leaderboard can be gained only in the certain campaign, which means the previous is unavailable in the new campaign. Finally, they expressed the skills players have earned in Scourage will be very useful to move up the leaderboard rapidly.

Post from Zenimax on the forum

When these players felt disappointed that there was no any warning to remove the campaign and all rewards and leadernoard scores, others clarified that Zenimax had posted on the forum that the campaign was removed prematurely because of a bug.

So many players think it is incredible to remove a campaign suddenly. But it is the most efficient way to avoid more and more players lose themselves in the wrong campaign.

Moreover, a new campaign has been pushed out to replace Scourage, so players can enjoy it with skills. The energy and efforts for Scourage will never be vain, because these skills you have got can help you move up your leaderboard rapidly, even let you or your friends get the Ruby Throne and become Emperor.

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