How Much Radiation Is Your Phone?

Posted by LouisWillis on January 12th, 2021


Nowadays, many people spend a large part of their day on a cell phone. While it is not yet clear how radiation from a phone might affect the body. Some people may have heard and wondered about the dangers of considered mobile phones. Is the radiation emitted by a phone really dangerous, or can prolonged use increase the risk of melanoma?

Public health information show no organization in between visibility to carrier frequency electricity coming from cellular phone usage and health problems. SmartDot is still also a ideal magnet which keeps your household members protected and sound from electromagnetic frequencies whilst the electro stress can lead to many medical issues owing to its radioactivity.

Scientists have tried to resolve these concerns over the years. But to this day, there is no definitive research. But one thing that scientists know for sure is that the use of a phone generates radio frequencies. Which is a form of non-ionizing radiation.

Radiation like this Is less powerful than ionizing radiation caused by X-ray ultraviolet radiation. And gamma rays That can change the DNA structure and damage human cells.

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does not yet have a firm idea of ??the risks from radiation emitted by phones.

Radio frequency The same kind that came out of that mobile phone. Are all around us like FM radio waves Wave not crowed Heat wave And visible spectrum This non-ionizing radiation doesn't have the energy to directly damage our DNA or cause cancer.

But from the information on the website American Cancer Society There are serious concerns that Cell phones may increase the risk of developing brain tumors. Including the head and neck area

Usually high levels of radio frequency Can heat the body tissues That's how a microwave oven works, but even though the energy levels generated by mobile phones are much less, American Cancer Society It said it was not clear how waves from phones would affect humans. It is also recommended to reduce exposure to prevent it.

Phones that radiate the most - least

To measure the health risks from radiation Scientists have invented the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), or the specific absorption rate. It is a unit of measurement of the amount of power from radio waves. That one person is absorbed into the body while using a mobile phone in watts/kg

Tips to avoid radiation from your phone

Reduce phone usage

Use speakers or headphones to talk on the phone. To keep the phone away from the head

Choose a phone with a low SAR.

If possible, reduce the distance from the nearest Sat. Because the farther away the phone will have to use more power for transmitting and receiving signals.

Radio frequencies are most powerful around the antenna. Which is hidden inside a modern phone These waves will gradually decrease as they travel further away from the phone. Anyone can check the radiation level from the mobile manufacturer's manual or website.

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