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Posted by adairsawyer on July 29th, 2014

Video games have been a rage among youngsters. Video games when combined with the internet gave birth to online gaming. Fun games online started their journey with simpletons like Carrom, Chess, Sudoku and poker and graduated to archery, football, shooting, racing and other radical stunt games. While video games needed to be purchased, one can play games for free on many websites and social networks.

Most websites are free to access but some require signing up to play games for free. Signing up for the first time can get you extra points for playing fun games online. A membership is offered to increase your accessibility to all the offering from the gaming site. Membership helps you obtain points and other perks such as life, powers, tools, weapons etc. in exchange for money. Websites also have a search tab to help you look for games as per your interest. Entering your birth date in the gaming website can fetch you a pleasant surprise on your birthday.

The gaming profile at a site to play games for free provides you with a username, a mail box, a list for friends that you have added on that site, daily or weekly achievement, scratch cards as well as a list of popular games and the high scores. Chatting with fellow players has an added advantage of knowing new tricks to fun games online. There are a variety of games to cater to the users. Young girls can enjoy games involving accessorizing and dressing up digital versions of themselves or there can be game based on fairy tales, mythology, gardening or household chores. The newest star in the block is 3D gaming owing to which you can have an almost real experience. Some social networks have games too to keep the users glued to their sites. Often, desktop version of a game is different from the mobile version due to space constraint.

The late 1990s saw the introduction of multiple players into gaming where one can have real partners or opponents connected through the internet. Online gaming has become such a huge attraction that websites organise tournaments of the most popular and fun games online. To play games for free, one does not need to do much apart from logging in as said earlier. Games like puzzles and riddles help to relax the brain. There are games to even ease anger and relieve stress.

Much to our chagrin, children prefer to play games for free online instead of playing ball in the park. There are millions of games on the internet which can make you a gaming addict. Sitting at the computer for long hours results in tired eyes and stiff fingers and eventually makes gaming not fun anymore. Hate speech and cyber bullying can be a common experience while playing fun games online. Players get carried away far too much and indulge into not-so-proper behaviour. To keep a check on this, websites have come up with moderator software which scans for such behaviour and evicts player when found guilty. Keep a check on your gaming hours and till then, happy gaming.

Keep a check on your gaming hours and till then, happy gaming.
The internet has opened up new vistas for playing fun games online. However, keep a check on the hours and don’t strain yourself when you play games for free.

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