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Posted by aimewolf on July 30th, 2014

Cheshire boasts of some amazing destinations where your pets can spend quality time, playing, walking, resting and getting groomed with the help of trained professionals. For treating your pet dog or cat with a luxurious stay you can walk in the preferred animal hotel Cheshire. If it is just a good grooming experience that you are hoping to gift your dog with then these hotels also offer the best dog grooming Cheshire, which is pain free, enjoyable and relaxing for your dear pet.

To avail the professional services offered by animal hotel Cheshire all you may need to do is make a prior appointment with the groomer. They have the latest gadgets and instruments to groom your dog and puppy, both. Let’s take a look at some of the facilities that they have in the offing.

The range of services includes washing and drying, nail and ear care, clipping, styling, matted hair removal, hand stripping as well as care for the puppy. Some hotels also offer spa treatments facials for the dog. All these are part of the dog grooming Cheshire package. You need to choose which package will be suitable for your dog in the best possible manner. Before zeroing on a particular combination you may want to understand which areas need urgent attention. For instance, if the ear plucking and nail clippings have already been done then you can treat your dog with luxurious spa experience. Similarly if a through wash, shampoo and dry is required then go for such a deal.

If you are worried about the quality of products used then you can be assured that your dog is in completely safe hands. If you wish you can also request the professionals to use medicated shampoo. Usually the dogs are given a thorough wash by shampooing them twice. Then they are dried with the help of blaster. The next step is to brush their coat and for that only a specific kind of brush is used which will suit your dog’s coat. There is no common formula which is used for dog grooming Cheshire, every dog has separate needs and they are given unique treatments.

When you choose to take your dog or puppy to an animal hotel Cheshire, you also have an option to choose from different kinds of packages such as luxury, premium and regular standards. The regular grooming package usually includes bathing, shampooing, drying, brushing, clipping and styling. In the premium level, your dog may also be allowed to enjoy a special facial or paw treatment. For special treatments it is essential that you get your reservations done well in advance as these grooming programmes are extremely popular in Cheshire.

Professionals who are in charge of dog grooming Cheshire stress on the importance of vaccination for the puppies before they start their first grooming session. They also advice that if you own a breed of pup which requires grooming at regular intervals then that should be started from as young an age as possible as they need to get used to the process. When this grooming is done at animal hotel Cheshire then you can be assured that your pup will have a fun filled time along with getting shampooed, bathed, cleansed, dried, brushed, clipped and trimmed.

Avail the best dog grooming Cheshire at animal hotel Cheshire.

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