Domestic Shorthair Cats

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Domestic Shorthair Cats

The domesticated cat is a mixed breed cat - so it is not a well-known breed of cat - with a short fur coat. It is also called moggies by the British people (British English). In the Philippines, they are called pushpins, the original term for 'Push' and 'Pinoy'. Domestic short-haired cats should not be confused with British Shorthair, American Shorthair, or other certified breeds with the words "short hair", which are species respected by various registrations. Homemade short hair is the most common cat in the United States, accounting for about 90-95% of their population. Other common names include house cat and cat alley (the latter one can be used mainly to refer to private individuals). The word tabby cat basically means coat pattern but is also often used as a common name (citation needed) for cats of this breed.

Attractive cat, and among animal nurses and animal control agencies, short-haired cats may be separated by organizational terms (usually capitalized),

  • Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
  • House Cat, Shorthair (HCS)
  • Shorthair Household Pet,

Such counterfeit breeding is used for registration and separation/recovery purposes. Although not raised as show cats, some of the cats are actually bred and fall into the category of a cat with unnatural "Household Pet" cats. Some may have very limited boundaries; an example from the World Cat Federation: "All ancient colors are allowed. Any white value is allowed. -tabby). The pattern identified is also unknown. The color definition is written in the standard color list. "

Short-haired domestic cats are subjected to a variety of dyeing processes, and they usually “return to typing” after a few generations, meaning they show off their coats as a tabby cat. It may be just one color or a combination of more than one color. They also show a wide range of physical characteristics, and as a result, short-haired cats in different countries tend to look different in shape and size, as they work in a variety of genetic pools. Asian DSH cats prefer to have a “classic” Siamese or Tonkinese-like structure, while European and American breeds have a thicker, heavier structure. Breeded cats have a hybrid vigor due to a variety of genres, so they are less vulnerable to genetic problems where clean cats should be carefully tested.

As the breeding of short-haired cats creates a wide range of habitats in large areas, it has become the basis for a few of the latest official breeds such as European Shorthair (Celtic Shorthair), and American Shorthair.





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