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Posted by sarabro on July 30th, 2014

For those who are not passionate about complex and time-consuming computer games in that often almost destructive manner, for those who don’t wish to lose themselves for hours or even entire days in the imaginary world of a strategy game or some other entertaining software, simple, online adventure, logic or racing games are perfect.

                Although various complex games can be played online, usually with the main purpose of playing against or together with other real users, the racing games, the puzzles, the word or the math games that can be played on websites dedicated to such applications are usually quite simple, requiring less time. That is a great advantage for those who simply want to relax once in a while without getting to caught in the virtual world, without risking to become addicted and estranged from your own life. Because, even if many people refuse to admit this, the risks of such effects is very much possible when someone gets too enthusiastic with LOL, WOW or Hero. There are way too many cases of addiction worldwide to refuse that such a problem actually exists.

                Anyway, the purpose of most online puzzles, word games, math games, board games or racing games is simply not the same. They are simply entertaining and relaxing. In many cases, all you have to do is focus on one simple task which, sometimes, can even be repetitive. While that might sound simply boring to some, others are probably able to appreciate correctly the fact that, thus, such games really help you take your mind off things, without consuming too much of your energy or forcing you focusing too hard on an imaginary world, becoming disconnected with the real one. Moreover, the best advantage of these more or less simple entertaining applications is that you are less likely to spend way too much time with them. That way, you can be sure that the result will be relaxing and not getting even more tensed when realizing how much time you have wasted and how much more you would like to waste.

                Since they can be played online, without installing them on the computer, one great advantage of such word or math games is that you can play them, for instance, at work, during those minutes when you really need to relax and focus on something else. As long as the website is not banned by your boss and as long as the right versions of flash player is installed, you can easily open a new tab in your browser and start playing one or two short racing games before moving on to your next task. More than that, depending on the operating system you have installed and on your internet connection, you can play online games on your phone as well, when you are in the subway, on your way to work, while you are waiting for something and so on. Online games are very accessible and can be great fun, no reason not to try one.

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