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Posted by Luu on January 12th, 2021

If you are looking for a fascinatingly gorgeous distinct animal, why rule out a bearded dragon. They make fantastic family pets for particular types of people. These family pets are relatively economical and do not require extensive care, plus they are fun to interact with. If you are thinking about purchasing a bearded dragon it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the requirements that are essential for bearded dragon care and offering a habitat so that your beardie will be able to live a pleased and healthy life. You must figure out if you can fulfill these requirements before you purchase your dragon.

This article will focus on and some of the vital things that a new bearded dragon owner needs to understand. This is not a lot of material, but you need to get it right, so read it completely.

Living Space

To me, juvenile beardies are among the most adorable creatures in the world. A ten-gallon aquarium or terrarium can house up to two or 3 juveniles conveniently. You will require to supply a bowl of food (you can discover bearded dragon food at your local animal shop or online) and a couple of branches as well as rocks for them to beek on. As with all other creatures, they will grow and will require a lot more area than the juveniles. The adult dragon will need no less than 40 gallons of space and even this size of the terrarium is thought about cramped. , if you own more than one adult dragon the required terrarium size will be increased significantly.


The truth is your beardie will need enough space to live and wander. You will first need to know if you have sufficient area at house to house a large aquarium and if you do you can start browsing for deals online to find secondhand fish tanks. New aquariums can be quite costly.

Feeding your Bearded Dragon

What you feed your dragon will play an essential role in its overall health. These animals are omnivores; however, they must be offered a diet plan that consists mainly of herbs. When I initially purchased my bearded dragon I was told to feed him simply crickets by the person who offered him to me so this is precisely what I did. My beardie was unhealthy and slow for a long period of time until I did some research study and discovered that these lizards need more nutrients than crickets can provide. When I changed his diet to contain lots of leafy green veggies, squash, and carrots to his diet plan, that is. He still got his fill of pests such as crickets too, however just as treats and to supplement calcium. He began to end up being much healthier and more vibrant. I was far more careful with my beardie after that.

When concentrating on bearded dragon care, you need to hang around working with your dragon on an individually basis to get him bearded dragon diet utilized to a diet plan that practically exclusively consists of vegetables. The time needed and the difficulty of this procedure differs from specific to individual but can take anywhere from just a couple of days to a number of weeks. Then you ought to think about picking another pet, if you do not have the time to devote to this procedure.

If you are brand-new to caring for a bearded dragon then you will need to understand how finest to care for your animal effectively. If you are thinking about buying a bearded dragon it would be smart to acquaint yourself with the requirements that are necessary for bearded dragon care and supplying a habitat so that your beardie will be able to live a happy and healthy life. When focusing on bearded dragon care, you need to invest time working with your dragon on an one-on-one basis to get him used to a diet that nearly specifically consists of veggies. The three different species of bearded dragons kept in captivity, for the most part, are the inland or main bearded dragon, the coastal bearded dragon, and the Rankin bearded dragon.

The bearded dragons that are currently in captivity will most likely supply the majority of the dragons that are sold as family pets.

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