Royal treatment for your dog in an animal hotel Cheshire

Posted by aimewolf on July 30th, 2014

An animal hotel does sound a tad farfetched, doesn’t it? But in beautiful Cheshire, you have an animal hotel that offers the best stay experience for your dear pet. It is slightly more expensive than you run of the mill animal care centre, but believe us, when you see the place you would want your pet to be there in your absence. This animal hotel Cheshire is located in a picturesque spot in Cheshire and your pet gets royal treatment here. What more, if you require someone to look after your beloved pet dog for a day, you can use the same place as a dog crèche Cheshire.

Why would you choose an animal hotel Cheshire and not another kennel? For the simple reason that your pet is your family member. There are numerous kennels all over the UK and some of them are excellent in providing excellent animal care services. But this place that we are talking about takes animal care to a completely new level.

If you still cannot believe what we are saying, just pay a visit to this animal hotel Cheshire. You will be floored. In fact, you may become a tad jealous because the arrangements here are like 5-star hotels. There are three room options available – premier room, luxury room and executive suite. All the rooms are centrally heated and have play areas for your pet dog. The luxury rooms also have beds, toy boxes and a flat screen TVs. The executive suites are twice the size of the luxury rooms and are equipped with sofas.

This animal hotel Cheshire takes every care to ensure that your pet dog is cared for in the best possible manner. Your dog will be fed the best food and it will be taken for walks. There are professional kennel club trainers in this hotel that know how to keep your pet in the best mood.

The dog crèche Cheshire service offered by this hotel is also fabulous. Since dogs get bored sitting alone at home, it is best to leave them in this hotel when you are out for the entire day. Here they go through a range of activities throughout the day. Activities like free play in grass paddocks and the doggy day rooms and offsite walks keep them engaged. The dog crèche Cheshire also offers great restrooms with underfloor heating. Your pet dog will also be placed with up to four more dogs for their social mingling activities.

There are different packages available for your dog in this dog crèche Cheshire depending on the amount of time you want them to spend at the crèche. It is best to go through the website for the terms and conditions. You can also pick up the phone and speak to someone to know more or to arrange for pickup and delivery services.

Leave your pet in this animal hotel Cheshire and see how they enjoy the experience. Even the dog crèche Cheshire for a few hours is bound to make your pet eternally happy.

Let the best animal hotel Cheshire give royal treatment to your dog. If you want to leave your pet dog for a few hours, you can also use their services as dog crèche Cheshire.

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