Decision Management Process: Evolution of the DSS

Posted by AxelPrice on July 30th, 2014

Some have a predilection towards it. There are some who choose to hate it. There is however none that can afford to ignore it. Decision making is something that people have to do at some or the other point in life. While there is nothing that can teach people how to take the right decisions, decision management process sees to it that decisions are made within time. This also helps in speeding up business process productivity. It is often considered an integral part of modern day businesses. More and more businesses are using the interface to add to the productivity of their business. This is where decision management has been of major help to businesses. 

In modern circumstances, one will be hard pressed to think of any decision, small or large that does not have a lot of thinking to do. Oftentimes, most decisions made are confined by other decisions. Simple choices like selecting coffee from a menu require some measure of decision making. While the magnitude of the choice can be subjective, the importance of the decision in general cannot be denied. There are several many factors or stimuli that can influence decision making in different scenarios. The decision management process helps the business react to all these procedures in stipulated time.

It is well known that corporate managers have as a part of their duties some significant amount if decision making to do. While there are several many things that decisions define, at times they also become crucial to the sake of the business itself. Executive Information System and management information System are some of the major tools that are used by people in managerial capacities in making informed decisions. DSS has turned out to be a rather important perspective in decision making of several companies.

The Decision Support System belongs to the section of digital information system. It is used to support activities that are related to decision making. The Decision Support Systems are rather interactive computer support systems that are used in decision assistance and are used extensively by people dealing in communication technologies, documents, data knowledge and various models that are used to complete tasks related to decision management.

The decision management system has made an evolution over the past 25 years from flexible systems for the mainframe to stand-alone PC tools. The have also evolved into data dippers for servers/clients. In the recent times, the DSS has also been used as extensible support applications. It is also worth mentioning that the while the decision support system has been into an evolution of its own, there has been a sea change in the relationship between the IT sector as a whole and its clientele. While a few years back it could be best described as stormy, in the recent past, it has been more inclined towards the cooperative side of the scale.

The umbrella of the DSS has for long been a bone of contention under which several people have gathered to discuss the role of the various models offered by the system. This has been one of the many defining characteristics of the decision management process.  

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