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Level 6 is the market leader when it comes to fully custom reward and rebate programs. Their experienced team offers numerous options for any budget, all with their renowned concierge-level service. You will be able to see how advanced technology and streamlined processes can reduce your company’s management fees by 30% or more. On their website you can request a demo. You will get experience, custom software, value, and turn-key support. You can also get their book, Sweeten the Pot, by Ben Wieder. How to Leverage Incentives and Rebates to Drive Loyalty and Increase Profits. The ultimate goal of an incentive program is to create a win-win result. Your company will benefit with increased sales while your people are also reaping the rewards. Level 6 – Brand Performance Reimagined offers comprehensive services to complement your program, including custom program website, supporting documentation collection, submission verification, customer service (email and or by phone), US & Canadian tax documentation, and marketing outreach. Visit the Level 6 website at for complete details or to learn more.

The program summary includes custom, turn-key programs to fit your company’s every need. Depending on your goals, whether you are interested in incentivizing your salesforce, recognizing your corporate team, or rewarding repeat customers for their loyalty, you are only one step away from improving your bottom line. They can customize an incentive and rewards-based program. Anything from mail-in rebates to custom-tailored web platforms where everything is managed online. They can help you hit the ground running. Their program types include salesperson incentives, employee recognition rewards, customer loyalty programs, and rebate programs. Incentive types include reloadable branded debit cards, prepaid branded debit cards, virtual debit cards, merchandise & travel, and checks.

Why Level 6? They are one of North America’s leaders in turn-key incentive and rewards programs. Their team of experienced account managers provide their clients with first-class service. They have experience. They have been a leader in custom programs for over 10 years and have a dedicated team of professionals at all levels. They have custom software. A winning incentive program spiff programs starts with a strong foundation. Their proprietary software has been developed and enhanced over several years. It automates many tasks for their clients and their users. It features automated submission validation, SSL encryption, merchandise ordering, and exportable reports that make everything a cinch. Newer platforms are responsive for mobile devices, and all solutions include expert Level 6 hosting and support. You get great value. They are committed to providing the best overall value in full-service incentive programs. Level 6 has created a one-of-a-kind interactive calculator. It guides you step-by-step and it gives you a detailed outline of what it entails to successfully build and maintain your incentive program. Lastly, as mentioned before you will get amazing turn-key support. Many of today’s savvy business leaders are looking for a fully managed incentive program. They offer multiple models which are truly turn-key. This allows you to do what you do best and successfully run your business with the help of Level 6. So, go to the Level 6 website now to schedule an appointment to see all that they can do for your sales force and company.

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