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Posted by coininfifa on July 31st, 2014

EA Sports is sad to admit it, but everyone other than Belgians will be secretly relieved that Christian Benteke has been ruled out of the World Cup when he ruptured an Achilles tendon in training at the start of April. The Belgium squad has been looking increasingly dangerous and is a favoured underdog pick among many punters to win the whole tourney. Though Christian Benteke hasn’t looked like the same player who devastated Premier League defences in 2012/13, he is still widely regarded as the sleeping giant of the Aston Villa squad.

FIFA Coins IOS have had a lacklustre 2013/14 in reality, but on consoles Benteke is likely to have scored far more goals than the likes of Suarez, Robin van Persie and Aguero. Our logic for this statement is justified – even the 81-rated winter upgrade of Benteke is available for a sub-1000 price tag so the Belgian is likely to be fielded on more squads than the more expensive strikers. Further, his overpowered stats make it incredibly easy to score with Benteke. His 90 finishing certainly helps with this but Benteke’s real weapon is his dominancy in the air. A crazy 6’3” frame means that Benteke is taller than most of the centre-backs marking him and combine this with his 93 strength and 84 jumping and it’s not hard to see why the affordable Benteke is the surprise first choice striker of many Barclays PL Ultimate Teams.

EA Sports

Runescape 3 Gold is probably the man responsible for more broken DualShock 3 and Xbox 360 wireless controllers than any other player. It is hard to say that Aubameyang’s incredible FIFA rating isn’t at least in part justified. In his debut for German club Borussia Dortmund, the Gabonese striker scored a hat-trick, with his very first shot for the club resulting in a goal.

With his 96-acceleration and 95-sprint speed, Aubameyang is shockingly not the fastest player on FIFA 14 – he was beaten to the speed-king crown by Theo Walcott and the lesser known Mathis Bolly (Fortuna Dusseldorf). However, Aubameyang’s capabilities on the pitch make him far more overpowered than these two players. His ‘tries to beat the offside trap’ trait is more-or-less superfluous as Aubameyang could start in his own goal and still beat defenders to a threw ball. With his 82-finishing, Aubameyang is well equipped to beat the keeper, though generally players who use Aubameyang will employ him to set up a deplorable sweaty goal.

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