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Posted by elitekhandental on July 31st, 2014

If you suffer from tooth loss either through tooth decay or injury then dental bridges from a private dentists Cheshire clinic such as Elite Khan Dental could help. A dental bridge is a structure situated between two crowns to fill the void left by a lost tooth. They have many advantages and just like any other cosmetic procedure may be better suited to you than others. Helping to restore your smile as well as your ability to chew and speak dental bridges can aid remaining teeth by stopping them from drifting out of position whilst also helping to maintain your face shape at the same time. They are also great at helping to redistribute the forces in your bite evenly by replacing the missing teeth.

Dental bridges come in three different variations giving you options to suit your needs. The first being a traditional bridge that involves creating a crown for the teeth either side of the missing tooth. These are the most common type of bridges used and are generally made from porcelain or ceramic. Another type of bridge used is the Cantilever bridge. Similar to the traditional bridge however it comes into play when there is only one tooth next to the missing tooth. The last remaining variation in bridgework comes in the form of the Maryland bonded bridge. The Maryland bonded bridge is made up of plastic teeth; these along with the gums are supported by ‘metal wings’. The ‘metal wings’ are bonded to the teeth on each side of the bridge giving very strong support.

Dental bridges can be a strong and long-term solution to tooth loss. If taken care of properly they can last up to fifteen years. It’s important to keep your remaining teeth healthy and strong when you have bridges as their integrity rely on the strength of its foundations i.e. the surrounding teeth. Making sure you brush twice a day along with daily flossing will help prevent tooth decay and any gum disease that could possibly arise. Couple an at home oral health routine like this with regular visits to Elite Khan’sdental surgeries Cheshire based for regular routine check ups and good oral health will be simple to achieve and maintain.

Unlike removable dentures, bridges won’t affect the way you speak. Often missing teeth can affect us greatly but once you’re wearing your permanent dental bridge, you’ll be able to talk just as you did before. It will also make eating a lot easier too, once you’re completely used to the bridge of course. Up until then soft foods are much better. For more information on dental bridges and how they can help you just contact Elite Khan Private Dentists Cheshire clinic now.

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