Mistakes Related to the Business Decision Making Process

Posted by Johny Dean on July 31st, 2014

If you continuously have to solve problems that should have been solved long ago, then there might be a problem with the business decision making part of managing your company. Your employees are either holding useless meetings where they can not come to an agreement or they do not document every single decision that has been made during the meeting. The business decision making process should be simple. It all starts with talking about a certain topic and problem, continues with finding a solution, then with attributing roles to the different members of the team. Not all problems can be solved right away, but a meeting should be able to at least start the solving process.

The business decision making continues with setting goals and making sure that someone is responsible for those too. After that, everything should go according to plan so that the next meeting can deal with solving other problems. One of the mistakes that many team members make is the fact that they are not paying attention to everything that is discussed during a meeting. This will result in them not knowing if they are accountable for a certain decision, if they have a particular role in solving a problem, if there were any solutions found and so on. Even if someone might write everything down regarding the highlights of the meeting, not many employees read these reports afterwards.

As you may already know, mistakes can be easily made, especially when working with many employees and associates. Not to mention the fact that most teams are made of members that can not hold meetings in the same room, due to the fact that they are located in different parts of the world. So, if you really want to do something about this and to benefit from maximum transparency regarding the business decision making process, you should invest in a system that connects everyone. It will also help the business decision making by sending all the team members notifications whenever something new is posted or in order to remind them that they are in charge of a decision.

Moreover, this system will make things easier by allowing users to post decisions, other team members to review them and the person in charge to approve them. This is the only way that you could be certain of the fact that everyone knows what is happening, that they play their part and that all the goals that were previously set are going to be reached in time. Deadlines will no longer be a problem and decisions that were made in the past will be recorded. You never know when you want to analyze the impact of a previous decision. So, look for a system that can have a positive impact on the business decision making process that your employees are dealing with. You will see results in no time!

Do you want to avoid all of the mistakes mentioned above and benefit from numerous advantages? Then it is time to do something about the business decision making part of your business. Invest in our product and improve your business decision making process today!

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